Monday, March 30, 2009

Out of Commission

Our old computer went caput. We turned it off, disconnected it, and cancelled our internet services. It's a shame, but at the same time it saves us a few bucks and it eliminates the distraction that steals us away from eachother and other more useful tasks. SO... so much for my blog for now. I still have email and I can post sporadically from other computers, but it's not the same.

Things are good. We are both working hard. Handy-Hubby's car died a few times and after sinking over $1200 into it, we traded it in on a new big-bad-truck... I call it "Big Bird."

Penny is well and has behaved this spring so far... although we've only been on one ride. I'm ready for more! How about some sunshine!!!

That's about it... same ol' same ol'

Maybe someday we'll get the computer fixed or a new one??? Right now it's just not on the top of our list.

Take care all...