Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selfless Sunday… just a few chores

A friend, distant cousin, has injured his hand.  He lost part of a finger and coincidentally had to have more of it amputated this week.  He’s a dairy farmer, the brother of my beloved friend Ed who went to Heaven ten years ago this fall.  There’s milking to be done and I’m glad to be able to assist, several times now.  It’s not just about helping someone in need.  I like the cows.  It takes me back 15 years or more, a time when I was milking there regularly.  I have many precious memories with Ed… milking, feeding calves, eating ice cream, and busting a gut laughing!  It’s a life I love.  If I didn’t need to work my regular job… I would simply milk cows. 


While this may be my example for Selfless Sunday, it surely is one of the most enjoyable ones. 

Saturday’s Savings & Meal Planning

I haven’t actually gone grocery shopping for weeks.  We just bought essentials before we went on vacation.  No sense stocking up on perishables when we wouldn’t be home to use them.  We will be home for a week tomorrow and it took me until today to get to the grocery store.  Life took over.  It’s been very busy and not very well planned and structured lately. 


After spending hours clipping coupons, I’m proud to report that I saved almost $50 on our groceries today.  I used coupons, fuel perks, and stocked up on store-brand items which we get for 10% discount because of his job.  I had several free items via coupon, plus free ice cream when I bought 3 boxes of pierogies, which I had coupons for.  I re-stocked all essentials, some pantry items, and some paper goods and pet food as well. 


I also went to Sams Club this morning for berries, stir-fry veggies, personal size pizza shells, and some yummy frozen pot pies that my Handy Hubby can pop in the microwave when I’m not home. 


Planning meals sure does save a lot.  I did spend about $100 today, but that’s actually not unheard of after so many weeks without my usual grocery trip.  This week we will have:


  • Personal Pizza’s
  • Garlic Herb Chicken
  • Tacos
  • Soup (Tonight!)
  • Stir-fry (probably pork)

Saturday, May 08, 2010


This was entirely UNINTENTIONAL, but eventually became the theme of our trip. Why or how did we get so many pictures of BUTTS? We are considering a sign for our car when we leave "Pittsburgh Or Butts!" Too funny!!!

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A Wolf Encounter

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We visited Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Indiana.
This was probably the best $20 we've spent in years!

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More photos are posted on our Facebook pages.

Krohn's Conservatory - Butterfly Exhibit

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Cincinnati Zoo

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just Stuff

I’ve been away part of the week.  I went to a work-related conference in Philadelphia.  I traveled with a friend who does the same kind of work in another community hospital not far from us.  We had a grand time.  Last evening as we were relaying much of our silly stories to K on the ride home from the airport, we laughed so hard that I’m sure he could barely understand what we were saying.  Fun times!  Gotta love it!


So tomorrow is K’s birthday.  My sweetie will be 38 (I think).  We’ve already gone “out” to celebrate, but I also got him a Nascar t-shirt. (Dale Jr.)  It doesn’t matter that it’s not his FAVORITE driver’s t-shirt (Mark Martin #5).  ANYTHING Nascar is exciting for him.  No doubt he will get it autographed this summer.    My family is having a little picnic dinner in his honor later this afternoon.  More good times are on the horizon.


Today the Kentucky Derby runs.  I’ve never been into horse racing at all, but there is just something about a Kentucky tradition that resonates within.  I have precious memories of my old Kentucky home and the purposes for which I was there.  Part of me actually wants to watch the race… don a silly glamour hat… and toast with a mint-julip.  The realist in me says… what?


Going to take a little nap now.  Chicken is marinating and I have a few more items to pick up at the store.  It’s a beautiful day here in Western PA.  I plan to enjoy it and the company!