Monday, April 29, 2013


Having arrived home this rainy afternoon, I see so much spring has sprung since last week.  Trees and yards are greener.  Flowering trees are bursting forth already!  The dogwood tree in our front yard is no exception!  It's lovely!

Fishing Acre Lake

Sunday we went to the cottage and fished at Acre Lake.  It was delightful. 

Essie caught a pickerel!

Morning Cuties

I woke up to find Asher snuggling with Gayle and then later Eli posed in his best bow-shooting stance.

Salt Springs State Park

On Saturday we hiked at Salt Springs State Park.  Oh I so loved getting out!  It's been too long since I've had the opportunity to hike.  We even found a geocache.  Score!!!

Valentines In April

Having attended a work related conference in Scranton, PA this past week, I took advantage of being so close to the Valentines.  I made a long weekend visit and it was delightful!

Gayle played piano for me.

There were appearances of Batman and Captain America-wah?

Esther showed off her artistic skill.

Gayle showed me her extensive rock collection.  It is quite impressive.  We found this giant rock in the trunk of my car.  She loves it!!!

Barn Progress

Front sliding door is on!

Stall walls are beginning to take shape!

One wall done.  One wall framed! 

Front door is closed.  I'm so excited!  It's beautiful!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Willy? Is that you?

Yesterday we had the April Birthday dinner party with the family.  Paul scored all sorts of cool Duck Dynasty attire.  So what do you think??? Is Willy his Doppelganger? 


Missy is a silly dog.  She loves a good back-scratch.  She loves when the kids come.  She loves to go for walks and to sniff around.  She's a nut...

She loves her squeaky cow!

The kids completely tuckered her out!

Rose Gardening

Keith has plans for a formal rose garden and he has made great strides getting it started.  First we started double-digging. Later we borrowed a rototiller and THAT was the key to progress.  Yay!  Just waiting for roses!

Barn Progress

P3 put the lag screws in the header board that will hold the trusses for the roof.

Missy and Maizy had a play-date.  What a beautiful day!

P3 and Daniel measured and divided the old pole into sections.  Paul cut them, but unfortunately the log was mostly hollow inside, so we burned it.

Much progress!!!  Feeling very blessed!

Paul sawed off the posts so we can start roof installation next. 

Pirates Home Opener

I think this is our 3rd Opening Day game.  It's something we look forward to.  We don't feel bad about splurging for descent seats.  This year it SNOWED!!!  It was stinking FREEZING!!!  But we enjoyed it!