Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Do You Think #2

If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?


I would be parachuting with my hubby. I did that in my sleep one day last week and LOVED it.

Another Cool Blogger Contest

Pinks and Blues is hosting a giveaway. It's very girlie!!!! So go check it out!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

C'Mon It Will Be Fun

I read about the Spring Swap on someone's blog way back in the spring. When I saw all the cool stuff that was swapped, I was in awe. Guess what?! There is going to be a Summer Swap. Go check it out and if you are game... sign up! I'm in. Are you?

What I learned... I'm starting a new series

I think I'm going to start keeping track of things that I take note of day by day that have some significance... Yesterday I pondered... (in regards to marriage)

These are just a few things I pulled out of this...

Women want to be (and should be) cherished by their husbands. Men want to be (and should be) honored by their wife. God designed us in this way.

God designed marriage to mimic the Trinity, each party yielding to the other. Think about it... this is why the Lord feels so strongly against divorce, audultery, homosexuality, etc. Because these things make a mockery of his perfect design.

There is much to be said on this topic, but I have no more time to expand at the present.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

One tomato plant should be plenty.

Keith plants his first flowers.

Including a rose bush.
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Memorial Day 2007

A work in progress...
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Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Well, as it goes, Memorial Day Weekend is the time to plant your garden... safe from the deadly frost at last. We don't have much of a garden. Maybe someday. For now, we will plant a few things and enjoy them in small quantities. This was Keith's first time planting flowers. He did a fine job. Take a look...

Geranium with some other tiny plants.

We'll be planting this Japanese Red Maple soon. Where?

Digging out the roots of the old giant shrub. Last one!

A red bell pepper. One is plenty.
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Celebrate Memorial Day


President Bush has issued his proclamation: Prayer For Peace, Memorial Day 2007.
Let us all extend a very special "Thank You" to all the service-men and women who have unselfishly served our country, especially those who have died for the cause. I cannot fathom life outside of the Land of the Free. Many thanks to my ancestors who fought for that Freedom.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Participate in: Marriage Monday

New Blog Find of the week: Fruit In Season
Christine posts a "Marriage Monday" theme. Click on the logo to participate.

It's a holiday weekend! So in that spirit our topic on Monday will be vacations, dates and other times away. Here are some questions to ponder this weekend:

Do you take vacations as a family, with just your husband, or both?
We do not have a "family" besides ourselves. Vacation is definitely myself and my hubby.

What are those vacations like? Do they wear you out or refresh you?
Both. It's refreshing to spend time together, uninterrupted, and relaxing. At the same time, all the usual here and there of vacations and traveling definitely takes its toll.

Do you schedule regular date nights? If so, do you talk about your children (if you have them) or have a children-free-conversation rule?
We have "date nights" often, at least once every other week, but most often once per week. Sometimes "date night" is dinner at home followed by watching some tv. Other times it's a dinner out... venture into the city... Sunday afternoon drive... the ideas are endless. We are usually looking to do something on a budget. Again - no children so that doesn't apply.

Do you have family out of town and if so, how often do you visit them? Is it stressful or relaxing to visit?
We most certainly do have family out of town. As a matter of fact, they are just too far between to make it easy. We are in PA, his Mom is in Northern KY, his Dad in NC, his one sister in Eastern KY, another in California, and I have a sister in NE PA. We do try to travel to see them all, but our visits are few. Much of our "vacation time" is definitely time to visit family. Most of the time it is relaxing.

How do all these things affect your marriage relationship?
Date Nights are a plus. They help us stay connected. Traveling is good too as it forces us to spend hours together at a time. (not a bad thing mind you!) Visiting family is good, but reminds us of our individuality. We are our own family.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Catchup

I love this type of weekend. First of all it's longer than the norm and second of all it is so summery. People are out shopping and gardening and all that good stuff... getting ready to barbeque and picnic.

This morning Keith and I had a nice breakfast together and then proceeded to spend a couple of hours at Bakerstown Feed and Garden Center. Oh, I could have spent the entire day there - easily! About $50 dollars later we were the proud owners of a rose bush and a dwarf Japanese Red Maple. Some time later we acquired some peat moss, some potting soil, some plant food, and a large pot where I will eventually plant a tomato. I'd still like to venture up to Zang's Greenhouse for some annuals and maybe up to the Amish to see what deals they have going. I love gardening time. It's a home-like thing for me. I just wish we had a nice private yard for it. I have plenty of room in the backyard, but the neighborhood kids would likely not leave it alone - so why bother.

Keith loves landscaping. I do too, but it can be expensive. He has a million ideas of what to do and where, but we need to focus on smaller steps. C'mon, we don't even own this house yet. We are trying to be budget savvy, and we must not allow these things to thwart our efforts in that regard. Oh but it's so fun to dream about it and SHOP for that stuff.

Some days I can spend hours dreaming of having my own place. Being honest with myself... I don't like living here. It's adequate and affordable, but my heart lies elsewhere. I miss the privacy of living in the country. I miss having plenty of room for parking and playing and gardening. I don't like that when I open the drapes in the living room, our neighbors are sitting on their porch across the street looking right in our home. I dream of a day when I can sit on our deck or patio watching the sunrise and the birds flitting about from feeder to feeder... bunnies munching the clover... Ahhhhh.... that would be the life. While I'm dreaming, I might as well add what has always brought joy and contentment... my pony! Just a little barn with room enough for 2 or 3 would be ideal with an adequate fenced area. Ahhhhhhhhhh.... now we're talkin'!!!! Somebody pinch me - reality check!!!!

Anyway, what kinds of plans does everyone have this weekend? Tomorrow will be a family day for Keith and I. He's off work. We will go to church, then maybe the gym, might do some planting, and will relax and enjoy the Sabbath. Monday - he's working so we have no plans. I'm not sure what I might dream up or where I might go. Hmmm...

Well, off to enjoy the remainder of my weekend. It's raining. I like that. It's cooling off now. I think I will go in search of my camera. I can't seem to find it. I wonder what I did with it? Hmmm...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday Boy!

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Big Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday I-Man. Like your grandma says, you are a funny guy! You have a great sense of humor. You're a pretty sweet kiddo too. I hope you get to go fishing for your birthday and catch a big one - like Uncle John did.

We love you and miss you.

Aunt J.J. and Uncle Keith

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crazy Morning

I slept in! I hate that! I had plans for my early morning! Drat! This WILL NOT affect the rest of my day. Let me think back to the good things of the morning...

1) I showered last night so I was one step ahead already

2) Hubby shared a cup of coffee with me this morning

3) Our dove, who nests at the dining room window in the back of the house, came around front for a feast at the bird feeder near the front window. Crystal was ON FIRE!!! Keith said he thought she was going to bust through the screen. No - I don't think so, but she really did LOVE this birdy. She talks to it at both windows in a little chirpy voice. I so wish I could catch it on camera. It's adorable.

So there you have it... a late start, but not a bad one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just wondering your opinion...

I have "The Book Of Questions" and sometimes I actually look at it. Thought you might like to play along?

Describe your "perfect evening."

Ok, I'll bite.

My perfect evening includes a day with a perfect temperature - probably upper 70s - and would not grow dark until at least 9pm. I would have a light dinner and then set out on a sunset trail ride. Then would crash at home in hubby's arms. LOVELY I THINK!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Morning Coffee

Good morning. Care to join me in having a cup of coffee this morning? I have a new cup, or should I call it a mug. What is the difference anyway? This is a large one, off-white with brown trim and "STARBUCKS" on it. It has a tiny chip in the porcelin and thus they were going to pitch it, but Keith saved it. He has saved a number that way. They have the coolest mugs at Starbucks. The only problem with this one is that when you fill it full, it's cold before you're finished with it. It's that big. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of coffee I'm having this morning. Keith filled the grinder full and tossed the bag. I think it might be Verona. I'm not sure though. He would probably know just by tasting it, but he's still in bed.

Do you ever stop and just take a moment to listen to the sounds that surround you? I can hear the refrigerator running and the birds singing outside the open window in the living room. I hung one of my bird feeders yesterday. It's not beaming with birds yet, but it will be once the sun comes out long enough to cook some of the birdseed so they catch the aroma. The kitties are huddled near the window, so there is obvious increased activity out there. Give it some more time... or maybe we need to move it back away from the window a little further. Oh wait!!! Wizzy is now chirping at the birds. Oh wait!!! We just had our first customer!!! Oh I so need to find my bird book! (I hope I didn't sell it.) It was just a little guy. Like a chick-a-dee, but with a light yellow under-belly and some dark brown or black on his wings. A tiny bugger, but brave enough to visit us this morning. Yippie!!! I always loved having a bird feeder.

Well, I must get Keith up and moving. Have a splendid day everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vacation Photo Contest

An Island Life is having a vacation photo contest. First things first - Head on over and VOTE FOR JENNYV's photo!!!! You just need to leave a comment on her contest blog entry.
I just thought this was so appropriate since I just came back from vacation, so here it is... one of my favorite vacation photo:

It was really hard to choose just ONE favorite vacation photo. I had to pass up the sunrise over the ocean and the moon view from the midnight sail. This photo captures so many elements of a good vacation... water, sunlight, and the garden. This was taken at Magnolia Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina. I loved the walk through the gardens there and enjoyed the peacefulness of it, the sights and the smells. Such a precious memory.

Too Much Coffee Can Be A Good Thing

I think I drank maybe 3 or 4 cups of coffee this morning. I hope I don't crash any time soon because I feel great at the moment. Hmm... what to do... exercise? Maybe. Head out to pick up a few little things? Maybe. Thought about seeing if Mom wanted to do some spring cleaning today, but she's had a rough week, so I'm thinking maybe she wouldn't want to do that today. (Maybe later?) I do plan to take her to dinner tonight to celebrate Mother's Day. I know it's a little late for that, but she was busy before when we wanted to take her, so tonight it is. Hmmm... where shall we go?

So this morning I made Keith pecan pancakes with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Served with coffee of course. He brought down all the dirty laundry while I folded clean towels, washed the dishes, sorted through junk mail, scrubbed the stove, swept the kitchen floor, and flipped through a magazine. I have since washed two loads of laundry.

Can't you see - I'm on fire! I can't sit still! I so want to plant things, but I don't have anything to plant and haven't prepped the areas where I want to plant things. Hmmm... another potential thing to do. Keith bought me a hook to hang either a basket of flowers or... MY BIRD FEEDER!!!! Oh yes - it is so going to display my bird feeder. Although I do have more than one bird feeder, so I guess I need yet another one? It's decorative and will be a short distance from our front windows, strategically placed to drive our kitties MAD!!!! Now... If I only had birdseed!

Ok then... off to the next idea. C-YA

Stop The Madness!!!

Ok so last night I dreamed that John and Val were getting married for the THIRD time. I was called at the last minute to get Joycie (I think) a flower girl dress. I went to some store to find one and I didn't like what I found. So I did a U-turn in the middle of the highway, almost causing an accident with someone in a yellow car, and headed back into town. I wanted to check dresses at "Ruffles and Truffles" but they were closed. So I showed up at their house and Val was annoyed because I didn't have a dress for the flower girl. Meanwhile I was annoyed because they have been married for years and this is the THIRD wedding they had. What?!!!! Anyway, they were previewing video that would be played at their reception depicting crazy events from their lives before marriage. Val had big hair and dressed totally 80's.

This is by far the strangest dream I've had yet!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. I do not feel rested. Lately I have been having strange dreams that are so vivid. I don't think I like that. Although one night I dreamed that Keith and I were parachuting and the next day I informed him "Last night we were parachuting in my dreams and I want to do it again tonight. I liked it." Alas that silly pleasure did not return. What else am I dreaming?

- I dreamed that I was taking my ex-coworkers 3 little kids for a trip or something. I was holding one on my lap feeding him a bottle (or maybe it was a sippy cup) of Coke, all the while thinking to myself... I'll fix her wagon. I'm gonna load them up with sugar and caffiene and send them home. *This was a crazy dream. That lady doesn't even have 3 kids!!

- I dreamed that Amanda and I were walking along and there were poisonous snakes. I'd pick them up by the tail and toss them aside and they would slither back. I'd take a shovel and slam it down on one and it would become multiple baby snakes. The funny thing is that I was not afraid of them. I just didn't like them. *I read the last chapter of Acts this week for Bible Study and there was a part where a viper wrapped itself around Paul's arm. He shook it off and was unharmed. This was definitely a topic of discussion in our study, noting that there may be some significant symbolism in this passage. None the less - I think that this is the source of this dream.

- A couple weeks ago I was dreaming about spider. YUK! I must have been restless because Keith woke me up and when he touched my arm, I jumped because I thought one was biting me. YIKES! What the heck?!! What makes a person dream such nonsense?!

Does anything particularly make you dream? I have noticed that if I watch crime shows before bed, I will dream about them. I don't like that. I love those shows, just not before bed. I never used to remember my dreams. Or maybe a lot of times I didn't have any? I don't know, but some days I wish I could remember if I do. Needless to say, this week has been a vivid week for me... after hours at least. Now I'm just wishing I could get some quality rest!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Lost and Not Forgotten

I guess I've been rather out of the loop lately, but I've been around. I just haven't had anything profound to say and haven't felt much like typing. I know anytime I get stuck with nothing to say, I can always do a memoir post... but like I said, tired of typing.

Before I go any further... have you found any good blog contests or giveaways lately? I really am going to have one someday. I'm still trying to decide exactly what the point of it will be. Got any good ideas? While I'm on the topic, check out The Hostess With The Mostest. This blog is having a week long showcase of really cool stationary and a ton of giveaways that you can catch a chance on. I LOVE stationary because I love to write snail mail and get snail mail... so I'm taking my chances on every one of them!!! I entered a "Name The Calf" contest at Down On The Farm, but sorry I think you are too late. The results are to be posted today. I checked back this morning. Funny... I made the first attempt and out of about 30 people, there were several who commented that they liked the name I picked. We shall see... for those persons are not the judge.

What else is happening?

Ummm... back to the grind and just finished one of those stressful meetings at work. Now it's rest for a day or two and then start the next cycle, which by the way is already started. UGH.

Keith is in Pittsburgh this morning for the District Meeting where he will be showcasing his new coffee blend for competition. He wrote this really eloquent description of it. I can't wait to hear the results later this morning. I'm sure we will eventually be doing a post about it on his blog so I won't give away the details of it just yet...

Election day was yesterday. I voted. I don't so much care for living in this county. My work and most of my friends and family are in the next county so that is where my heart is. Maybe someday??

I did a lot of laundry this week and a little bit of cooking and baking. Keith has a sweet tooth so I made him a cake.

Ok well... off to start my day then. I've got Girls Group tonight and a date with my hubby to go to the gym.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

There are at least FIVE foods that make me think of my Mom...

1 - Raw Potatoes
One of Mom's favorite snacks. She would peal and slice them and then sprinkle with salt... maybe a little pepper or season-salt... And I would steal some! Yum-O

2 - Meatloaf with finger holes
Made with ketchup. Mixed by hand. Poked with an index finger many times. And baked in the microwave. Mmmmmm....

3 - Chicken Noodle Soup with Egg
Mine never comes out quite the same. I always loved this tasty treat.

4 - Canned green beans
We picked beans. We snapped beans. She canned beans. We ate beans. Still one of my favorites.

5 - Dill pickles
I liked the garlic dills the best.

My Mom was and still is a good canner. She just doesn't do as much of it as she did in years gone by. Tomato juice, grape juice, stewed tomatoes, green beans, pickles, peaches, sweet pickles, meat, and don't forget CAKE!
I miss your canning Mom. Remember the zuccini turned pinapple?

Thanks Mom for all the good tastes in years gone by. Maybe someday I'll get creative and try some of that. I hope you have a splendid Mother's Day.



Monday, May 07, 2007

Gaylie Fell Overboard - YIKES!!!

We wrapped her in a men's flannel shirt for warmth and then snuggled her under a large towel on my lap...

But alas the princess adorns what just may be the next fashion statement in evening wear... a strappless men's flannel. WOW! Too cute!!


I guess I have to explain the picture of my feet -- these obviously are NOT Isaac's feet. I was sporting these really cool artificial toenails, but one fell off. I was whining about it and Isaac so cleverly made me a replacement... and even included a matching floral pattern. How sweet!

The Girls

Happy 1st Anniversary

Magnolia Plantation... Swamps are Pretty

Sailing to celebrate Keith's Birthday