Sunday, December 02, 2012

Girl Friends

I have the best girl friends in the whole wide world! I had invited my lady friends just to come over for coffee and to see the new house.  They brought FOOD and GIFTS!  They all stayed and helped clean and paint!  I'm feeling SO BLESSED!!!  I'm a wee bit overwhelmed with all that needs done and where to start.  These girls just jumped right in and it's happening!  So here's just a glimpse of what transpired yesterday:

Living Room Before

Jill cutting-in

Keith priming the living room
Master Bedroom Before.  Ew! Wallpaper!

Amy scraping wallpaper. 
Tammy ran for tape and helped tape the living room.  Janet cleaned the bathroom, even the blinds.  Joelle cleaned in the dining room and helped me tape the kitchen in preparation for painting.  All my girls have good ideas about what to do with the kitchen.  It's so small! 

More to come... this is just a snippet.  Have I mentioned what great Girl Friends I have???!!!