Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beautiful Morning March 30, 2013

Penny... My beautiful girl in the morning sun.  I just love her!


This is our newest toy.  We had set some money aside for a small tractor.  Rene'e found this one for us on Craigslist.  We went to see it with her Dad immediately.  He said it was one of the best ones he's seen.  He actually wanted to get it for himself!  We arranged to pick it up the next day.  When we left that night her Dad said it was worth twice what he was asking for it... without the mower!  What a deal! 

So the following day, despite the freezing rain, Paul helped us pick it up!  We are just tickled with it!  It's a 1965 International Lowboy Cub.  I told Keith to hurry up and name it before I come up with something like "Little Bird" or whatever.  He calls it "Cubbie."  Smart man. 

Paul II loaded it for us and Paul III helped chain it to the trailer.

Cubbie has arrived at it's new home!!!

Keith unloaded his new baby. 

I took it for a spin to show all the barn-raisers.  I love it!!

Cubbie lives in the barn... out of the weather.

More Barn Raising

Keith, Lee, and Chuck dug holes and now they are sinking the poles for the addition on the back of the barn.

Paul III carried a  bunch of those 80 pound bags of concrete.  Lee is marking where to hang the header.  I love those ladders.  They are Rene'e's.   

Keith and I nailing on the brackets that will hold the rafters! 

Keith, Chuck, Paul III, and Lee hard at work. 

Keith sunk the lag bolts holding the header up. 

Chuck made sure it was level and Paul tamped the fill around the pole.

How about that!?  It's coming together!  Lee and Chuck and Jill watch as Paul III and Keith secure an end piece. 
There will be 3 stalls across the back with dutch doors on each.  There will be an overhang over the doors.  It's going to be so cute!!!  This will surely add significant value to our property as well.

Paul III holds a piece for Lee as he drills pilot holes. 

See how hard that kid works!  He's a gem!  So are Lee and Chuck.  I would be lost on this project without them. 

We Have A Dog!

Meet Missy!  She's part beagle part lab and about 8-ish years old.  She belonged to a  young lady who works at the Hospital.  She had to move quickly and her new place did not allow dogs.  She brought her here with food, bed, and treats.  She stayed for a while with her and left in tears.  So sad.  What a horrible thing to endure.  I have been in touch with her and assure her that Missy is well and happy and that she can visit anytime.   

Wizzy... classic black cat stance... He does not think this is funny.

This is at least a week later.  The Zom's gave us a toy for her and she LOVES it!!!  The kitties are getting closer and are curious about the new squeaky toy too.

One of our barn-raising days was sunny.  She's supervising the activity.

Construction Underway Front

It was a blustery day, cold enough for sweatshirts but warm enough for MUD in abundance. 

Rene'e, Lee, and Chuck working on the front of the barn.

I nailed the 2nd and 3rd boards from the right.  This was my first endeavor using a powered nail gun.  That's Janet in the picture.  She's such a gem!  She came with two big pots of chili for the workers. 

My two favorite Pauls!

See, it's coming together!!!  Paul, Lee, and Chuck.

Chuck has just one more board to nail on finishing the front wall.  We will eventually build a sliding door for the opening.


I have the best husband, friends, brother, and nephews EVER!!!  Rene'e and Lee are the planners of this endeavor.  Rene'e ordered the lumber from a saw mill in New Bethlehem, past Rimersburg.  Paul lent us his trailer to haul it.  The mill cut the first order a foot too short, so we had to re-order and eat the expense of that trip.  When we went for the 2nd order we found that they had cut it a foot too long and charged us for the extra foot.  Rene'e argued with them so they took $100 off the order.  In all we ended up only $4 over what we had expected to pay for it.  

We had to make 2 trips to get it all.  We picked up Paul and Daniel on the way back with the first load so we had helpers for unloading.  I'm telling you, they are WONDERFUL boys!!!  They came dressed appropriately to work and even had work-gloves.  Unloading was a piece of cake with them helping.  I gave them each a little spending money, to which they replied in unison "No thank you."  So stinking polite, but I insisted they take it.  They worked HARD and have been such a blessing to me on many occasions. 

Fresh cut hemlock and lots of nails for the nail gun!

This is the small half of one load.  Each load was two bundles, one bigger one smaller. 

Let The Demo Begin!

Keith took the particle board down.  Seriously... windows?!!!  Who knew?!  There really isn't anything wrong with the siding either.  I thought we needed to replace it, but maybe not. 

Front corner before I took a hammer to it.

Front corner after I took a hammer to it!  I tried to pull the wood off in full pieces, but most of them split or broke.  We salvaged a good bit of it.  Many of the nail heads were rusted off.  I found rat poison and plenty of spider nests albeit COLD there were none crawling.  Whew!!!  Glad we started this while it was frigid!

Barn - Before Pictures

Look at the rays of sun shining down on this building!  I'm just now noticing it myself.  You see, God has a plan for this place.  Just wait and see.  It will be a blessing to others, not just us. 

West side.  This side takes the brunt of the weather.  What is up with the particle board? 

Back of the barn.  There is a concrete slab about 10x12 on the right side, under the trash can.  The neighbor told me that there used to be pigs in the barn.  That is consistent with what Paul suggested based on chew marks on the inside.