Sunday, November 03, 2013

Summer Recap

Penny isn't retired quite yet. 

We put out our own Travel Bug for Geocaching.  It's called My Little Pony!

Duke is my ride of choice this summer.

Paul and his boys have been such a blessing to us.

We planted gardens!

We baled some hay!

My little Farmall A even gets some action!

Lovey explores the outdoors.  (I've created a monster!)

We've enjoyed almost a year of sunrises already!

We've celebrated a bountiful harvest of our own labor!

Sitting round the fire, sometimes with wine, is not unheard of here.

We enjoyed a couple fun ballgames!  Go Pirates!

Janet took Penny and I to Moraine for a ride.  Way fun!

Strange dog follows us on our ride... it's the neighbors.

Visited some gentle-giants up close.

Keith's rose garden produced beautiful flowers!

Even Keith got to ride with us... closer to fall.