Sunday, February 17, 2013


Whenever we come or go, Lovey climbs up atop of a pile of things we are meaning to send to the Goodwill.  She peers out the window at us.  One might think she's says "WAIT!  Wait for me!  Where you going?!  I wanna go!!!"  or likewise "They're home!!!  Yippie!!!  They're gonna FEED me!!!  Wahoo!!!"  She is going to be sorely disappointed when those things actually GO to Goodwill.  I might need to invest in a window seat for her. 


I've noticed many footprints around home lately... kitty prints... dog prints... skunk prints... deer prints... birdie prints... and our very own footprints!  Here's some:

Replacement Light

Keith recently replaced the living room light.  The old light was on a ceiling fan, which actually blocked some view of the TV.  So I picked out a flushmount light.  Check out the before and after:

What Is For Dinner

What is for dinner this week?  Let's see... in no particular order...

  1. Cube Steaks, Applesauce, cooked baby carrots
  2. BBQ Meatloaf, Green beans, and potato
  3. Ham slice, Risotto, and brocoli
  4. Breakfast!  Pancakes and eggs
  5. Pizza and salad (or just fresh crunchy veggies)
  6. Hot Ham & Cheese with soup
  7. Chicken & Dumplings
  8. When all else fails or I run out of time... there is always Fettucini with red sauce.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Selfless Sunday

I haven't made a Selfless Sunday post in more than a year.  I kind of left the blog behind for the sake of facebook.  Every now and then I come back to the blog because it's something to keep, a record, a diary of sorts. 

I've recently been approached and asked to volunteer as a youth leader at church.  I heard the plea for volunteers.  I felt the tug.  I prayed on it.  I was targeted specifically before I even stepped up to answer.  Yes Lord.  I have heard you calling in the night.  I will go Lord, if you lead me.  I never considered this to be my calling.  It was supposed to be my husbands.  Well, maybe it used to be or maybe in some way it still is but he's not available due to his work schedule.  Interesting how our calling can change over time.  Funny how the events of our lives can feed a need much further down the road.  I know with great certainty that I must answer this call.  I'm wrestling with the fact that I adore my restful Sundays.  Sometimes I get out to hike (when the weather is nice).  Many Sunday evenings we enjoy spending with my sister and her husband.  So for now I've agreed to help every other week.  I don't want to jump in with both feet and burn out immediately.  I start tonight.  I've been praying for vision and focus as I minister to the youth of our church. 

Ministry is selfless.  Answering a call to serve is selfless... but in so many ways feeds the heart of the servant.  I so look forward to all the sweet relationships to be made in the days ahead. 

1 Peter 4:10
"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

Saturday, February 02, 2013

What Is For Dinner?

This week, in no particular order:

  1. Pizza (duh) and salad
  2. Cheeseburger (or meatloaf), baked potato, fruit
  3. Baked chicken breast, green beans, sticky-rice
  4. Cincinatti Chili Spaghetti
  5. Grilled cheese with tomato soup
  6. BBQ porkchop, carrots, chop salad

February 2013

It's a new month.  We are finally feeling settled in our new home and surroundings.  We are over the hump of emptying boxes to find basic essentials.  Don't get me wrong, there are MANY boxes left to unload, but seemingly not the essential items.  I've been thinking a lot about downsizing lately, simplifying.  I told Keith I was going to send a set of dishes to Goodwill.  He acted insulted because he had bought them for me for Christmas a couple years ago.  I like the dishes, but it's not like they were expensive china dishes.  They were a Walmart find that went well in our former dining room.  Really?  I have to store them just because they were a gift?  Ack!  I like constant change.  I like to change dishes every now and then.  The cool thing is that the dishes we were gifted for our wedding are actually kind of matchy matchy with the new place.  I'm resurrecting them.  I can see their significance... wedding gift.  That's different.  Right or wrong?

I love new beginnings.  I shall make some goals for this very fresh month of February:
  • Get back to clipping coupons!  Check!  Did that and used some today!  Best finds include deodorant for 98 cents, free microwavable campbells chicken noodle soup, free chapstick, Oikos yogurts for 62 cents, full size Digiorno pizzas for $3, 100 count box of Kleenex for 49 cents, Rotel 48 cents/can, and Sargento shredded cheese $2 each.  Ok so maybe I could have found better deals or more deals, but this is just a start. 

  • Make a weekly meal plan and post it on the fridge!  I pass by the local Farmers Market every evening on my way home from work.  There is no excuse for buying grocery store meat and vegetables anymore.  I'd rather support the local farmers when I can.  Plus... FRESH MEAT!!! 

These two things should help with the budget.  We are finally able to iron out a family budget, having now paid our very second mortgage payment ever.  Yay!


Now that we have our own home and a little bit of property, it's raised up within me the desire to put more effort into caring for the land.  We have weekly trash service and bi-weekly recycle service.  We are being careful to recycle as much as we can.  But let's talk about the land right here under our feet...  Keith wants a rose garden.  I want a vegetable garden.  Doesn't it seem logical to COMPOST?!  This is my newest idea.  I'm researching the topic to figure out which method will work best for us.  There are all sorts of compost bins out there for purchase.  I'm not sure that we need to buy one.  We could probably make one.   I'm not sure what kind to make either.  I'm still trying to decide where to put it, not too close to the house or the barn and not a hike away either.  Also, I'm not sure if I should keep a compost bucket in my kitchen.  I read that some people keep a container in the freezer, which keeps it from fermenting in the kitchen.  There are also biodegradable bags that could be used in a kitchen bucket.  Not sure if I should think about those or just rinse the bucket after dumping it.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I'm hoping to get it started in the Spring.


I understand that the Agriculture Extension in Pennsylvania often has a composting course available where they give compost bins to participants.  I was looking for that, but now I see that most counties have discontinued it.  Bummer :(