Sunday, November 01, 2009


I'm leading the Beth Moore Esther study for a groups of lovely ladies at church. That's my Monday.

Tuesday all was back to normal until the accident. Some woman side swiped my car. Ugh!! I'm supposed to get an estimate on the damages tomorrow.

I had a really long day on Wednesday. My office hosted a meeting for the local chapter of professionals who work in our field. I happen to be the Secretary of that organization. It was a nice evening.

Thursday was business as usual. Work then farm chores. Brushed my pony and spoiled her a bunch. She's getting fluffy.

That brings us to Friday... Nothing earth shattering. Work, farm chores, and dinner out w/ HandyHubby.

Slept in 4 hours on Saturday. 7am left and visited the Farmers Market. Then the Strip to Deluca's for breakfast. Later, I spent a long time clipping coupons and organizing them. HandyHubby joined me in shopping for the weekly deals. We got a bunch but were disappointed that the store was out of some things for which we had coupons that are expired today. Bummer. Oh well, the pantry is well stocked anyway.

This morning we worshipped at the early service. After brunch we went for a drive. Now home... He's watching the Nascar race. I best go prepare for tomorrow's study.

Have a great day.

PS. Happy Birthday Wendy