Thursday, October 08, 2009


I checked into my hotel aka the farm on Tuesday. Any morning when I can set foot outside and be greeted by the sweet sound of my horse is a blessed day. I am so blessed...all week long! She had her shoes pulled today. The bulk of my riding is done for this year. Its hunting season now so our trails are limited.

Its quiet here for the most part, except for my two snoring pals at the moment. One is a chocolate lab and the other a pitbull (a very sweet and rather small one). They both hit the sack before me and YES they are both snoring! The kitty is beside me in bed as I type. He's purring like a Mack truck and kneading against my arm. This would be like heaven for Essie!!!

I miss my HandyHubby who is holding down the fort at home. Maybe ill get to see him tomorrow? He came last night bearing gifts... A new saphire ring. Good job Babe.

Its worth mentioning that I have heard the bear this week. I know they are here but I haven't seen them. I let the dogs out about 5AM Wed AM and I heard a distinct growling in the woods, not too close mind you but close enough to hear and know exactly what it was. I would like to see them, just not up close.

Well, I suppose ill turn in for tonight. G'night all.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesdays With Jen

I woke up Sunday morning with my Grandpa on my mind... We called him "Grampy.". I remember his hands were rough but gentle and he had a crooked finger. It was his pointer finger. He wore work pants, flannel shirts, red suspenders, and rubbers on his shoes. He had a potato with every meal. He had "worship" twice each day where he got on his knees and prayed. He liked to go to SteppInn for coffee and chatter. He worked hard. He was a farmer. Over the years I have met many persons who knew him well and spoke very highly of him.

So there you have it...some rememberances of someone who stole my heart early in life and whose legacy has influenced my life significantly.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Blessings Monday

I am thankful for our truck. We have now helped move a few people and soon will help move my parents as well. I knew we would USE the truck if we got one. We are very blessed to have it and aspire to use it to bless others when we can.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Snippets

Let me back up to Thursday... I took a vacation day and enjoyed every moment of it. I went to Volant, PA with my friend and her daughter. We got pumpkins, looked at horses, had more holes punched in my belt, and grabbed lunch at every childs favorite... McDonalds. Afterwards we played "horses" until her brother came home. It was a nice visit. I'm very blessed to have friends with such lovely children. I especially like that the kiddos like me so much. It was a great day! Thanks Pal!!!

Friday was the annual golf outing. It was a dreadful cold and rainy day. The lunch was good and the dinner very nice. Its ok. I don't golf anyway. I'm just there to decorate the tables, eat, drink, and if its nice we drive around on golf carts acting like idiots and taking pictures. I'm happy to report that the guys actually said that they missed us since we didn't take pictures.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. HandyHubby had to work all afternoon. I clipped coupons and did some grocery shopping. I need to get back into a routine with coupon clipping and grocery shopping. I've been lazy about that lately. I made a pot of taco soup for dinner. HandyHubby was happy about that. I also completed half of this weeks assignments for my Monday Night Esther Bible Study.

So that brings us to today. It started with coffee and tea. Then church. Helped Uncle Charlie move some things. See, I knew we would find many ways to use our truck to bless others! Had a nice dinner out with the Zombecks...thanks Zombecks!! You rock!! Played with their kujo-kitty...ouch! And caught a few glimpses of Chilly. We also brought home the sewing machine that Grandma gave me years ago. I'm going to use it for my daily devotions. Cleaned the birdcage tonight. Rearrainged things and changed out the toys. When the birds got back in it was like they were exploring a new jungle. They like variety and special snacks. I always give them millet after cleaning the cage. HandyHubby is watching the Steeler game. I think Ill go finish my Bible Study and get ready for bed.

And those are the snippets of my weekend!