Thursday, November 13, 2008

I had my head examined... literally.

My neck is not just sore. It is OUCHY. The only way I can describe it is to imagine your head pressing, almost crushing down upon your spine and sholders. I never dreamed that my little mishap last weekend would cause me any lingering harm. I figured I'd be sore for a couple days and then snap out of it. Yes, I was sore for a couple of days, but this neck pain is for the birds. I really didn't even hit my head. My hip and shoulder absorbed the impact, but maybe there might have been some whiplash or something.

I went to see my doctor's associate. She is a DO and I thought perhaps she might jump in and manipulate my spine, but noooooooooo... She said that the cervical spine is the LAST area she recommends manipulating and not without x-rays first taboot. She gave me a script for the x-rays and some muscle relaxers that are NOT supposed to make me too tired and suggests that I save them for when I'm really hurting, maybe evenings and nights. Good idea. Alas, the pharmacy could not fill my order today, so I shall get them tomorrow. Until then... ibuprofen is my friend.

I'm waiting to hear back about my films and what other direction she might have for me. Until then... ouchy ouchy ouchy!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

This Weeks Grub

I need to get back to my menu planning habit. I got a few good deals at the grocery store this weekend. Chuck/Arm Roasts were BOGO - FANTASTIC!!! I also got some cheater-mashed potatoes for 30 cents a box. Steamfresh veggies were on sale for $1/bag and I had a couple coupons, so I stocked up. I also got some good pasta for half-price.

Here is the menu for the week, in no particular order:

  1. Crockpot Chicken - boneless chicken cooked all day long in a sauce of cream of chicken soup and some seasoning. We might have this with rice, or maybe stuffing. Not decided yet. AND as always... a vegetable.

  2. Pot Roast - served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

  3. Beef Vegetable soup with barley (from left-overs)

  4. Pasta with marinara sauce served with salad

  5. Breakfast - pancakes

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Blessings Monday

This morning I am counting the blessing of warmth. More than a year ago, our furnace quit on the first REALLY cold day. It wasn't long until the new furnace was installed. We've been plenty warm ever since. As I gazed out the window this morning, clutching my warm cup of tea, I noticed a dusting of snow on the ground. Brrrrrrr... Tis the season.

Thank God for the warmth of our furnace, fluffy soft blankets, flannel sheets and jammies, thick socks, and a snuggly spouse.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sneak Peak Sunday

I truly don't even remember all of the past week's activity, but I can hit on some highlights:

Friday night I got my nephews, Paul and Daniel, for a couple hours in the evening. I gave them choices of what we could do and they scrutinized over the pros and cons of each idea before proclaiming that they would like to go shopping at Walmart. I have to say, this is not the option I would have chosen. Perhaps they thought they could talk me into buying them some new toys??? I have no idea. At one point Paul told me that Walmart has the best selection of toys. And Daniel added "for the best prices." The truth is that we always purchase some items for at least one child on the "Angel Tree" at church. The children who's names are not revealed, are children who are not expecting to receive gifts for Christmas. We have done this each year since we got married, except for one year when we were just simply too poor ourselves. But this time I let Paul and Daniel choose, within a particular price limit, what they would want for Christmas. Little did they know that I might actually pack up these items for THEM and get our Angel Tree children something else. After all, I did get them to agree that this is truly what they would pick for themselves. HA!!! At least I know they'll like their gifts. They were so particular. They fussed over prices and added the prices of smaller items together to see if they would have enough. "Does the tax count?" Daniel asked. "Is it a big deal if it's a few cents over?" Paul chimed in. "What can I get if I have a dollar left over? A pack of gum?" Daniel added. They were so funny.

After the shopping spree, we had enough time to hit Chuck E Cheese. A pizza and a pile of tokens later we were lost in the world of game playing and ticket grabbing. Paul asked me to ride the roller coaster game with him and it was fun. Daniel was more concerned with playing for tickets. We hit the jackpot on one game THREE times. They combined their tickets and had almost 400 to choose a prize. I tried to talk them into barrettes and bangle bracelets, but they would have none of that. Daniel got an eye patch and something else that was tiny, while Paul chose a gooey squishy green lizard thing that I was fearing might loose its green guts in my car. On the way home they were discussing how many eye patches they could have got for all their points. They chuckled at the idea of getting enough eye patches to give everyone at least one, if not two a piece for Christmas. HA! They are too funny. The boys thanked me for the date. They are so sweet. It was a good time.

Saturday morning my Girls Group reconvened after having a few months off. Oh how I missed my lady friends and the intimate study of the Lords word. I'm looking forward to continuing that in the months to come.

The other highlight of my weekend was another ride on my crazy, I mean sweet, pony. I should have known that a chilly windy day was not the day to ride, but I just can't help myself. I don't want to miss any opportunities to go, especially since I have so many to catch up on to make up for those years she was far far away. Well, as we crested the top of the first big hill, some birds were a flutter in the trees. The other horse spooked first, and Penny followed. I lost my balance, but thought I could regain it when she spun in a circle and off I went! Ahhhh!!!! Just for the record... I haven't fallen off a horse for a good 10 years, and this is the absolute FIRST time I've fallen off my sweet Penny. Luckily, she's not too tall so it's not that far to the ground. I landed on my hip and rolled 3 times before picking myself up and catching my frantic sidekick. Moments later I brushed myself off and got right back on. It wasn't her fault. She wasn't trying to dump me. I just didn't have a good enough grip this time. The rest of the ride was full of anticipation of the next spook. It's the wind I tell ya. It whips up between her legs or something. She was a little jumpy today. I saw spots for about an hour after the fall. Honestly, I don't think I hit my head. But later when she spooked my back cracked. Rene'e mentioned that maybe something was out of alignment from the fall and then re-adjusted when my back cracked. I'm not sure of the timing of when my sight went normal again, but it does make me wonder. I'm going to have to chat with one of my doctor friends about that.

Keith is watching football. We had a nice bowl of soup for an early dinner. I took three ibuprofen and a hot shower. Oh how I'm dreading my work this week. I'm REALLY behind in things and quickly approaching deadlines. There is just never enough time to accomplish everything these days.

And that's a sneak peak at my weekend...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tuesdays With Jen... My Memoirs

There is an annual event at the county home in the spring. Teams of working horses and mules and tractor enthusiasts come and perform the public service of plowing the gardens. I have attended this event on a number of occasions. While I do not have any "working" horses or mules, I am exposed to a pair that belong to a friend.

Here I am (a couple years back)... Plowing. The hard way. Actually, I had the easy job of driving the team. These are draft mules, Matilda and Merlin.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Blessings Monday

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Today I am counting the blessing of creation. This weekend I was afforded the opportunity to take my Penny to Moraine State Park/Bear Run which surrounds Lake Arthur in Western Pennsylvania. As the effects of the fall season are in the midst of erosion, I found it quite pertinent to enjoy this trip where I could gawk in awe of all that the Lord has created. I am most grateful for pleasant, comfortable weather and a safe ride.

After we unloaded and before we tacked up, we spotted a bald eagle soaring gracefully overhead and close enough to truly notice just how awesome and elegant they are. Before we started the brunt of the ride, Penny took her first steps into the Lake. She reluctantly approached the line where small waves were lapping onto the shore. She stepped into the chilly water and was shortly startled to find herself in such circumstances. That was a big step for her. I'm not aware of her ever being introduced to a large body of water like that before. Honestly, she was more interested in eying up the boats across the way than playing in the water. She isn't always the bravest soul, but for some reason she will go anywhere that Rambo goes and he was going into the water...

I thought that all the leaves would have fallen by now. A week or so ago they were falling so very fast. But today there was an elegance about the forest that we drank in over and over. The sunlight glistened through the leaves of gold. The fallen leaves crunched loudly under pounding hooves, almost like a padding from the hard surface underneath. The wind blew ever so softly over the vast body of water causing subtle waves. We encountered only one small stream aside from the lake, and a good many hills and valleys. I could not have asked for a nicer day to enjoy creation.

I'm pleased to report that my little trooper led the pack for the majority of the ride, YES she was in the lead! This actually amazed me. She was quite content to lead the way that she did not know. She made an occasional stop rather abruptly over uprooted trees that apparently resembled the Boogy-man and the occasional gigantic ant-hill that she thought must have been crawling towards her. Silly stuff, but nothing earth shattering.

Rambo was the only other horse she actually knew. There were a LOT of riders out there this weekend. I think there were at least five other riders that went out with us, but we passed groups of riders with more and less along the way. She behaved quite well and seemed to enjoy the jaunt. I'm glad to have been afforded this opportunity. It was truly a beautiful day.

God has so graciously provided this world for us to enjoy. I'm forever amazed at the intricate detail of its design. Today it seems only appropriate to thank the Lord for this blessing.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I won I won I won

I won a prize over at Down On The Farm. Go visit Marci to see how that happened, what it is, gather up a blessing, and leave a little hello. THANKS Marci!