Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Moving Forward

Keith has passed a milestone of sorts in his training with Starbucks. He is now a "Certified Barista." He is now knee deep in Barista 201 training, which comes about a month ahead of schedule. He is pressing onward in his quest to become "Coffee Master" and a shift-manager eventually. Congratulations Keith.

He will display this pin on his hat. As he earns additional pins for this or that, he will display those too. This way customers are able to recognize his expertise in various fields of Starbucks coffee making. This is his first of many!

What exactly is a "Barista" you might ask? Simply put, it is a coffee bar tender.


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Wendy said...

Way to go Keith!!! I enjoyed doing the coffee testing...lets do another when I come out again! Maybe we can do it at starbucks so you will get credit for it!