Friday, December 29, 2006

Annual Ugly Ornament Contest

The holiday is just not complete without participating in our annual Ugly Ornament Contest. This is Keith's family's tradition, but has been adopted by my family when we host the holiday celebration. The funnest part of this is actually shopping for the ugly ornament. Keith and I will go browsing through the ornament displays at the store making comments like "Oh check out how nasty this one is!" and "Oh that ones definitely ugly... a real winner." Usually there is someone near by that thinks we are nuts. It's when we actually check out that we get the real looks. I'm sure you can just imagine the store clerk thinking "They are paying money for this?! WOW!"

Anyway, here's how it goes:

1. Entrees must be purchased/cannot be home-made.
2. Entree fee $2.00 per ornament
3. Everyone present may cast votes:

1 vote for "ugliest"

1 vote for "prettiest"

The winner of the Ugliest takes the money, may choose to keep his/her ornament with free entry in the following year's contest.

The winner of the Prettiest must display all the other ugly ornaments on his/her tree for the remainder of the holiday season.

We had 7 entries this year. Keith and I entered 3 ourselves just to boost the pot. Funny thing is... we won both categories.

I thought it would be fun to invite our blogger friends to cast a vote too. Leave a comment and tell me which one is the ugliest and prettiest... as a matter of fact, cast your vote today and on New Years Day I'll reveal the winners -- both the winners from Christmas Day and the winner's from the online poll.

Thanks for participating! Happy Holidays!


Sandi S. said...

Well - I really seem to be having a hard time here - they really are all pretty ugly - some might even fall under "grotesque"!! I will have to put in a tie for first place of ugliest ornament between the "Feathered Santa" and the "Filthy Pig"!! Now really - who would have even made these as a Christmas ornament!! And now that I know about this contest - I will have to join in next year - I will have my eye on all the after Christmas sales - for all the left over UGLY ORNAMENTS!!

Jemit said...