Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tour

We started decorating a couple of weeks ago. It's finally time to share some of it... Come with me on a simple tour of our decor... As I was posting these pictures, I realized that the majority of our holiday decorations are things that have been given to us over the years... things that we treasure.

This is our tiny tree. Despite the desire for a gigantic live tree, we opted for small and simple. This tree is just that. Lovely isn't it?

If you were to splurge on Christmas decorations, (which we have never been able to do) what would it include? I'd like to have lights on the outside of our house. I'd like to have festive tea towels, table clothes, runners, napkins, placemats, etc. I'd like a festive soap dispenser for the bathroom. I'd like a great big live tree with lots of white lights and pretty sparkling ornaments and a really cool tree skirt. Dream Dream Dream...

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