Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ramblings Of A Monday Morning

Brrr... it's cold outside! Thank God for a furnace that still works! I slept pretty good last night. Thanks for the cool new pillow from the Valentines. Keith wants one now. Geez.

We had a busy weekend. We went to the Andy Warhol museum. I didn't so much care for it. The walk was good though. I'm doing better with driving into the city too. Keith seems to be pretty well versed in finding his way down there.

We also worked on the hallway upstairs. We spackled and sanded and primed. Boy it looks good. It has a very pristine clean look to it. I wonder when we will actually paint it though? I'll have to keep pushing. Keith did some spackling patchwork on one of the walls in the upstairs bathroom. It looks so much better.

I mostly worked on laundry this weekend. Then I went out to the farm yesterday for a few hours. That was refreshing. I like that when Duke sees me he thinks "Ah, she's got carrots! Let me at her!"

Well, I best get this day on the road. Have a great Monday!

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