Monday, January 22, 2007

Ahhhhhh Sweet Relief

I think I blog about this every single month. Tonight was my Credentials Committee meeting. You know... the thing I look forward to every month. There was a lot of preparation done early for this, some that my co-workers pitched in on, and it came to a close with a few final touches today. By 3PM I announced that I was just 'waiting' for 5:15 and had no desire to start any new tasks. It always feels good to get to this point. I feel like I can relax even though my To Do list for tomorrow is already about a dozen items long.

Having recently attended an educational conference, I find that I have developed about 20 ideas for improvements in my position. One of the things that is swirling around in my head is the idea of taking my Credentials meetings to a new level... using electronics. It seems to me that we should be able to scan pertinent data from the files, which could easily be saved in a PDF type format for viewing at the member's leisure via secure electronic log in. Likewise, it should easily convert to PowerPoint slides for viewing at the actual meetings instead of making a dozen copies of everything. It's conservation! Save some trees!

I'm not sure how my guys will respond to such an idea, but I will approach them tenderly. You have to handle these high-tech doctors with very special care. They can be tempermental and stubborn at times. I want to mold them into this style of credentialing. It may be a long way off, but that's a direction I'm definitely leaning.

To start the project we have spent about a year examining all sorts of new software that would automate a lot of what I do. We have found a product that we like and are currently petitioning the appropriate administrators to support such an expense. Once this element is in place, it should pave the way for my electronic ideas as described above. I love change!!!! I thrive on it!!!


Wendy said...

That definately sounds like you JJ. You are so much more comfortable with change...I am not however. I like routine...I thrive on that. Your ideas sound very good is people like you who can help people like me along...and say...its will be better...little baby steps...HA! I shall have to tell Isaac of the smart stuff that you have learned!. By the way he got his post card and was VERY excited. The girls are still coming I am sure. Talk to you later!

Jthemilker said...

Hmmm... I mailed them all together. Oh and the bunny purses are in! Why can't Easter be the next holiday? Oh the anticipation!!!