Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Standard Morning

Oh wow... winter is coming. Where has it been? It has finally found a freezing temperature. I wonder how long that will last? It's actually snowing! Now there's something we have hardly seen all winter. There is but a dusting of it out there. I have been carrying around my studded tires in the trunk, awaiting the fluffy white stuff. I hate to have them put on before I actually need them. I mean really... they are not good for the bare roads, and why wear them down if I don't need to. So, if it keeps coming, then perhaps I'll venture to the tire store to have them put on. Until then... I'll just keep plugging along.

This morning is a lonely one. Keith is still in bed. I did not want to wake him this morning on account of his having to close the store this evening. He's going to be up until after midnight, so I may as well let him rest. He did bring home a new coffee that we have got to try. Perhaps he will post a tasting on his blog sometime this week?

I'm feeling much better now. I still have the sniffles and a cough. The congestion is breaking up - finally. I hope that I can get to see Annabelle before long. I wonder if it is safe yet?

Well, I best get on my way to work. I will have several long days this week as I'm trying to get ahead. As usual, I'm trying to balance more than what is comfortable, but it has to be done.... THIS WEEK.
Have a nice day!

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