Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Times With Family

Some of the highlights of our trip include:

  • Good food prepared by Rob. We were even treated to a fancy dinner with fine china and wine one night. We really appreciated the meals.

  • Mini-golf and arcade games at Boomers. We traded our $20 worth of winnings in for a cheesey keychain souvenier and a tiny princess notebook.

  • Trip to downtown Palm Springs... See's Candy - a sinful delight... chocolates!!! Coffee at Starbucks and browsing through an art store.

  • Visiting our nephew's grave - Robert Louis Hubler would have been three years old this year.

  • Wine Tasting and buying and Chocolate beer at The Yard House

  • Board games and movies

  • Driving a BRAND NEW Dodge Charger - SAWEET!!! It only had 5 miles on it when we picked it up!

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