Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just A Little Chatter

So as it goes I'm up to my eyeballs in work already. I printed over a thousand pages on the printer this evening and then it broke. I called the service man at 7pm and thus my day of work came to an end abruptly. Ugh - I get annoyed when the equipment can't handle the job!

I think today's winter weather is about as wintery as it has been all year. Snow is about a couple inches deep. Salt trucks are out. The car gets all yucky. I'm so blessed to have a garage and that Keith lets me park in it all the time. It's also a plus to have a parking garage at work; however today I had to park on the roof. Why? Because when it snows all the people that usually don't park in there... DO! It's annoying!

Well folks, the day is pressing on. I need some time for my devotions. It's almost bed time. Funny... the house is so entirely quiet when Keith is not home. Night.

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