Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Celebrate Marriage

Found this invitation here.
I'm taking this time and space to tell you about my marriage, our wedding, and how great my valentine is.
We met after years of corresponding on-line. We had no intention of meeting up when it began, but as years rolled by... we decided to do so only to prove a point to Keith's family -- That he can get a date that won't stand him up or cancel! As the story goes, he could never keep a date. His cousin was getting married and he was to be in the wedding. He explained his woes to me and asked me if I would be his date that weekend. I humbly accepted and thought - nothing ventured, nothing gained.
So I drove 5 hours to meet my soldier in Cincinatti. His Dad graciously allowed me to stay at his place and I had my own guest room and everything. I met some of Keith's friends and his family - some of which I had also met online before I arrived. The next morning, Saturday, I was plagued with my very first kidney stone. I wasn't sure what was killing me, but whatever it was, was horrific. Eventually I asked Keith to take me to the hospital, where I would become disgustingly sick and rather irritable. The registration clerks were not the least bit helpful and I had to wait an awful long time. After what seemed like a decade of waiting, I was poked, prodded, and examined with a diagnosis of kidney stones. I had to go for more testing. Wait wait wait. He sat beside me, held my hand, and wiped my face. After hours of waiting he left the room to call home. I overheard his conversation "I can't just leave her here! She's 500 miles from home and knows nobody! What am I gonna do?!" You see, he needed to get to the wedding because he was IN IT. So I told him to go. He kissed me in that hospital room before he left - even in the midst of what a wreck I was. (I will spare you the gorey details) His Dad picked me up hours later and took me to the reception. He was so happy to see me. He hugged me close as if I was his long lost friend! Upon introducing me to his sisters, one proclaimed "She's for real!" while the other backed it up with "And she's pretty too." And thus... he actually did have a date. It looked like he might have been stood up, but he wasn't.
This was the beginning of our relationship...
On September 2, 2000, we married in our local church. We wanted to choose a day beyond the heat of the summer, but while the summer daisies were still available. None the less, it was the hottest day of the year. The church was filled, and the attendants were dressed to a T. His sister Tammy sang for us. His sister Denise and my brother Paul read scripture for us. It was a beautiful ceremony. Our reception was probably the best party we have ever been to. It wasn't the food or the drinks or the music... it was because all of our most precious friends and family were in attendance. We danced the night away as did most everybody there. At the end of the night I sat down to write the check for the DJ and my feet cramped like a charlie horse!
My husband is smart, handsome, patient, kind, and supportive. I cannot say enough lovely things about him. Despite the fact that we are from very different worlds, he loves me just the way I am. He holds me up when I am down. He holds my hand when I am afraid. He wipes my tears when I cry. He hugs me close when I need held. He motivates me when I am lazy. He makes me relax when I am crazy. He is delighted when I cook for him and says I'm a good baker. He rubs my feet whenever I ask. When I feel ugly, he tells me I'm beautiful. Sometimes he tucks me in at night, even though I'm just going to untuck myself when he leaves the room. He takes out the garbage so I don't have to. He hauls the laundry up and down the steps. He's handy with remodeling and construction. He left his military career to be with me because he did not want me to have to leave my family. He is a romantic at heart. He never leaves home without first kissing me and telling me that he loves me. There is so much love to share... I cannot even begin to summarize it all here.
I love him so very much!


thehomespunheart said...

Thanks for joining in! I was encouraged by all of your uplifting words about your husband!

Tanya :) said...

Lovely! Enjoyed reading!! God bless the both of you. :)