Saturday, February 10, 2007

Date Night

Keith took me on a date last night. After work we both took a nap. Then we jumped in the Corolla for a scoot into Pittsburgh. I always forget how close we are to the city now. We can be in downtown Pittsburgh in less time that it would take to drive to Butler. To me it's odd. It's always been a big deal to go to the city. We need to explore more of the city now that we are closer.

Anyway, he has a friend who is a jewelry artist. Her artwork is created and displayed at Slaughterhouse Gallery and Studios in Lawrenceville. The building is an old slaughterhouse with real meat hooks and other memorabilia from those days. In a way its creepy, but rich in history. The website has links for the building's history and all the artists that exhibit there. Megan's Work is unique and elegant. We toured her studio and saw some of her inspirations. I am proud to have some of her custom work:

We also toured the woodshop there and spoke to a gentleman who is involved in the model railroad exhibit in Gibsonia. He actually makes the props, like the trees and buildings and accessories. We talked to him a while and he wow'd us with his knowledge and expertise. It was like having a behind the scenes look at how model railroad exhibits are created.

After hanging out at the gallery, we ventured across the street to a place that seemed like one of those "hole in the wall" type joints. The bars on the door and windows would have been an instant turn-off for me; however, dining with a friend who is familiar with this territory makes it all better. On the contrary, the food was fantabulous! Click here for a glimpse of the cuisine. I had a reuben with home made chips - YUMM-O. Keith had conch fritters (something I'm not so sure about) and a meatloaf dinner served along side a giant fancy salad and some other delights. If you ask me, this might be one of Pittsburgh's best spots for late-night people watching. The transvestite in the bar... the scary tatooed guy with all the piercings... ahhhh, not my kind of crowd, but again... fantastic food.

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dsams3156 said...


Date nite tonite, maybe? My son's band, The Robin Horlock Band, is headed for Pgh. from Detroit, MI, to play tonite, 3/24/07, at Howler's Coyote Cafe in Bloomfield section of Pgh. I was born and raised in New Kensington and enjoyed your "date nite blog."