Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spare Room... It's All Country

Just wanted to share some pictures of the progress made in the spare room. We are not huge fans of "borders" but decided that the spare room would benefit from such decor. We put up the border this past weekend. So now this room has been painted, has new outlets, and a new plain curtain. We still have much to do, but it is actually an inviting room now. See for yourself.
This room is all about the country life. This is where I shall display my love of horses, cows, and farm life (notice pictures of Penny on the wall) my Mailpouch barns, and I'm hoping to have a shelf for some of my collectibles one day. The picture over the bed reminds me of my childhood. Keith bought it for me years ago and I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness.
There is still much to do. The trim needs painted, carpet needs replaced, the closet doors need replaced, and the closet shelving needs replaced. We actually have the shelving, we just haven't had the time to mount it yet. Additional wishes for this room include new country curtains, perhaps a white picket fence headboard for the bed, and new linens - pillows - etc. for the bed. I need to find a lamp that fits the decor and a stool for my vanity. I have some treasures in the basement that will also eventually accent this room -- milk cans from Grampy's dairy!!! Aunt Jane saved them all these years. One day a while back I asked her if I could have them and she said YES!!!! Oh glory days!!!! Perfect for this room, but even more so due to their origin. I shall display them proudly.


Jemit said...

WOW!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a fabulous job. Your ideas are really good too. I love the milk can thing.

Jthemilker said...

If you click on the pictures, you can see the border more closely. I love it! And thanks for the compliments.