Monday, May 07, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

I feel like I've traveled around the world... at least that is how it seems. I've traveled over 2000 miles in the past 3 weeks. I'm going to need an oil change pretty soon. The good news is that it seems as though I should be home for a while now. Vacations and conferences and vacation again is done for now.

Where have I been you may ask?

We vacationed for 6 days with Keith's Mom and Step-Dad. They put us up at their condo on Hilton Head Island and we had a fabulous time! We visited Savannah, Georgia for a day... stopped by Beauford, SC to visit the chocolate shop and meet a draft horse named "Duke." Funny huh? On to Magnolia Plantation outside of Charleston, SC to check out the gardens, alligators, birds, snakes, and things of the swamp sort. We watched the sunrise over the ocean and the same day watched it set while sailing... a trip to celebrate Keith's upcoming birthday. VERY COOL! There were many more thises and thats, but most of all we enjoyed the company. Thanks Mom and Jim!!!!

So back home, I worked for a couple of days and then shot off to a conference in Scranton, PA. I got to stay at the Hilton, which was pretty nice and had dinner with some lady friends which was a hoot. The material was quite educational and I am glad to have had the opportunity to go. But WAIT... I can't drive that far and not visit my sister and her family who live only less than an hour north of there!!!!

I drug my Dad along with me to visit his grand-kiddies while I conferenced. Once the conference was over, I shuttled myself to Wendy's and settled in for a pleasant long weekend. Hightlight of the trip.... meeting my new nephew, which I'm ashamed to say I did not get pictures of. What the heck??? I was more infatuated with the lively kiddos and so I must have neglected to snap some of the tiny one. Rest assured, he was far from ignored -- I held him much and loved every moment of it. Although... every time I'd get my grips on him, Essie would beg to hold him. Oh she's such a proud big sister and SOOOOOO infatuated with him. I was in constant competition with her in holding him.

I got to share a bed with Essie at night. She's so cute and cuddly. We said our prayers together. She thanked God for bringing me and "Papa" to visit and prayed for Uncle Keith, Aunt Mandy, Uncle John, Joycie, Paul, Daniel, David, Annabelle, and "the man with the chickens" (because she misses him). Now how precious is that!!!??? Then Keith called with a frantic issue regarding our bank account being "Locked." She said "But how is Uncle Keith going to get out?!" She was so concerned, but fell fast asleep before I had attempted to rectify the dilema.

I have to write this account of my bedtime conversation with Essie last night --- so as not to ever forget just how precious this little one is...

Essie: "One day I'm going to be with Jesus. He sits at the right hand of God. And when I get there, there is going to be a feast."

Aunt J.J.: "What do you think the feast will be like?"

Essie: "Ummm... Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Soup..."

Aunt J.J.: "Hmmm... soup?"

Essie: "Yes, I like soup." *pause* "How many people do you think will be in heaven?"

Aunt J.J.: "It's hard to say, but I think a whole lot."

She's entirely too cute!!!!

Other highlights from this weekend's trip...

  1. Amanda and John are celebrating 1 year of marriage this week!!!
  2. While fishing at the cottage -- John caught a huge fish!
  3. While fishing at the cottage -- I caught nothing!
  4. I enjoyed watching the kids fish.
  5. There was a snake... and it caused much commotion.
  6. Essie fell into the lake!!!! BRRRRRRR!!!! But lucky for me - I got to cuddle with her to keep her warm. Sweet!
  7. Gaylie did not like Uncle John, but this morning she changed her mind because he caught a big fish???? Silly gal.
  8. I had a lovely time chatting with Dad to and fro. I'm so glad to have someone to travel with.
  9. Went bowling to celebrate Isaac's birthday. The first game I bowled a 166, which is totally odd because I really am not good at the sport. The second game... Isaac's score beat all of the adults. How sad is that? It was a great time tho.
  10. Enjoyed meeting my new nephew and visiting with family.

Okay... now home safe and sound and having to go back to work tomorrow. YUK! Keith is working. I have been a busy little bee all afternoon and evening. Laundry Laundry Laundry... Sort the mail... Got groceries... AND I have dinner in the oven. (sausage with onions and peppers) Tomorrow I'm making a bar-b-qued pork roast. I hope it can be shredded for sandwiches. YUMM-O! I think that Keith will be delighted to have REAL food for a change.

Ok - enough chatter for now. I think I'll post some pictures of my travels for ya'll to see.


Jemit said...

Was it not Gayle who fell in the lake? That's what your dad told me.
Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Jthemilker said...

Oh my yes - I need to fix that!