Sunday, May 20, 2007

Morning Coffee

Good morning. Care to join me in having a cup of coffee this morning? I have a new cup, or should I call it a mug. What is the difference anyway? This is a large one, off-white with brown trim and "STARBUCKS" on it. It has a tiny chip in the porcelin and thus they were going to pitch it, but Keith saved it. He has saved a number that way. They have the coolest mugs at Starbucks. The only problem with this one is that when you fill it full, it's cold before you're finished with it. It's that big. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of coffee I'm having this morning. Keith filled the grinder full and tossed the bag. I think it might be Verona. I'm not sure though. He would probably know just by tasting it, but he's still in bed.

Do you ever stop and just take a moment to listen to the sounds that surround you? I can hear the refrigerator running and the birds singing outside the open window in the living room. I hung one of my bird feeders yesterday. It's not beaming with birds yet, but it will be once the sun comes out long enough to cook some of the birdseed so they catch the aroma. The kitties are huddled near the window, so there is obvious increased activity out there. Give it some more time... or maybe we need to move it back away from the window a little further. Oh wait!!! Wizzy is now chirping at the birds. Oh wait!!! We just had our first customer!!! Oh I so need to find my bird book! (I hope I didn't sell it.) It was just a little guy. Like a chick-a-dee, but with a light yellow under-belly and some dark brown or black on his wings. A tiny bugger, but brave enough to visit us this morning. Yippie!!! I always loved having a bird feeder.

Well, I must get Keith up and moving. Have a splendid day everyone!

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Jemit said...

Interesting sounds here.. the hum of the computer, the sound of Wendell snoring while he naps, and the ringiing in my ears I've had for many years.
Oh.. and I'm looking forward to the sounds of children laughing when the grandchildren arrive later today.. probably my favorite sound of all.