Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Catchup

I love this type of weekend. First of all it's longer than the norm and second of all it is so summery. People are out shopping and gardening and all that good stuff... getting ready to barbeque and picnic.

This morning Keith and I had a nice breakfast together and then proceeded to spend a couple of hours at Bakerstown Feed and Garden Center. Oh, I could have spent the entire day there - easily! About $50 dollars later we were the proud owners of a rose bush and a dwarf Japanese Red Maple. Some time later we acquired some peat moss, some potting soil, some plant food, and a large pot where I will eventually plant a tomato. I'd still like to venture up to Zang's Greenhouse for some annuals and maybe up to the Amish to see what deals they have going. I love gardening time. It's a home-like thing for me. I just wish we had a nice private yard for it. I have plenty of room in the backyard, but the neighborhood kids would likely not leave it alone - so why bother.

Keith loves landscaping. I do too, but it can be expensive. He has a million ideas of what to do and where, but we need to focus on smaller steps. C'mon, we don't even own this house yet. We are trying to be budget savvy, and we must not allow these things to thwart our efforts in that regard. Oh but it's so fun to dream about it and SHOP for that stuff.

Some days I can spend hours dreaming of having my own place. Being honest with myself... I don't like living here. It's adequate and affordable, but my heart lies elsewhere. I miss the privacy of living in the country. I miss having plenty of room for parking and playing and gardening. I don't like that when I open the drapes in the living room, our neighbors are sitting on their porch across the street looking right in our home. I dream of a day when I can sit on our deck or patio watching the sunrise and the birds flitting about from feeder to feeder... bunnies munching the clover... Ahhhhh.... that would be the life. While I'm dreaming, I might as well add what has always brought joy and contentment... my pony! Just a little barn with room enough for 2 or 3 would be ideal with an adequate fenced area. Ahhhhhhhhhh.... now we're talkin'!!!! Somebody pinch me - reality check!!!!

Anyway, what kinds of plans does everyone have this weekend? Tomorrow will be a family day for Keith and I. He's off work. We will go to church, then maybe the gym, might do some planting, and will relax and enjoy the Sabbath. Monday - he's working so we have no plans. I'm not sure what I might dream up or where I might go. Hmmm...

Well, off to enjoy the remainder of my weekend. It's raining. I like that. It's cooling off now. I think I will go in search of my camera. I can't seem to find it. I wonder what I did with it? Hmmm...

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