Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Craziness Abounds

Yes, I'm a crazy lady. Wow... these past few days have been a whirl-wind! Let's re-cap and see if you get caught up in it with me.

Saturday - cleaned house. packed. exercised as planned. Keith cut me a few roses and they are oh so pretty. drove to Lenox, PA - arrived at midnight. (missed seeing my kiddos there)

Sunday - had breakfast at Binghams. went to the Pocono 500. Checked out the vendors. endured a 3-hour rain delay. watched 102 laps before a caution was called for rain on the tunnel turn. drove home - arrived at 2am. (race pictures to come later) got some sun. happy about that.

Monday - slept in a smidge. worked half-day. met Keith and drove to the farm. helped unload a lot of hay. did I mention that there was a lot of hay? totally beat, itchy, and covered with dust... we headed home, showered, and slept really hard.

Tuesday - SO TIRED!!!! Can hardly function... working. house-sitting. my friend's dog hid under the bed for about and hour at first, but now she's cool with me being there. the other dog doesn't care and is quite friendly with me. watched some tv and then crashed.

Wednesday - Oh that's today! Feeling a little better. Still sore. Still tired. Still happy to self-inflict for the sake of the ponies once again tonight. Good thing is that this will probably be enough after tonight. Thank goodness!

Stay tuned... more madness to be continued...

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