Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deal Or No Deal

I did some modest shopping this week and am pleased to have happened upon a few good deals. Because my pantry is plentiful, we could spend our budget on just sale-items this week, which is our goal overall. Ground meat and boneless pork loin were on sale this week. I browned the ground meat and froze it in smaller portions right away. I cut the pork loin into 3 roasts and 3 chops and froze them as 4 separate meals. I'm delighted to report that our freezer is getting stocked up.

Non-grocery sale items purchased with coupons totalled less than $12 this week: (Rite-Aid) 3-pak of K's favorite Irish Spring soap was 47 cents. 3 Speed stick deodorants were 40 cents each. Box of anti-viral Kleenex's was 48 cents. 2 Suave products (shampoo & conditioner) were 72 cents each. Aspirin was 99 cents each. I don't recall each and every item I purchased, but I had a coupon for everything.

The thing I like about Rite-aid is that their rebate program sends you a check each month that you can cash in for cold hard cash. The other drug stores offer savings that can only be spent in their store. I prefer the cash.

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