Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snapshots of my weekend

  • Took Handy-hubby grocery shopping with me last night. Used coupons and super-sales to get really good deals. Spent what I had saved on "can we get" requests. Note to self... better to go solo even if the company is superb. Got great deals on cereal again, Swiss Miss, tuna (for him), and a free gallon of milk!
  • Prepping for guests that are to arrive tonight. Been cleaning house all day! (aside from running some errands) WOW - who knew we had so much laundry!!! Actually, I'm washing ALL our linens. I'm sure that is what's taking so long. Oh but who doesn't just LOVE the smell of fresh linens!
  • Had extra house keys made at Walmart today.
  • Got a new 4-stage filter system for the kitchen faucet. It makes the tap water pure enough to drink without noticing that it's not spring or well water.
  • Time to get new bathroom rugs. Two of them all but disintigrated in the washing machine today. That's not good! Oh well... now I have an excuse to splurge on new ones.
  • Got a fantastic deal on the scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner at Rite Aid today. I've been wanting to try it. It was on sale, with rebate, plus coupon! Not sure if I like it yet. Had to take down our shower caddy to install it. It is rather loud when it's running, but I suppose it will only run for a few seconds each day anyway. Also got a free Fructis hair gel. Saweet!
  • Handy-Hubby tripped over the vaccuum cleaner last night and fell down the steps. YES - the whole way! Thump thump thump thump splat! It was not pretty. He has a couple rug burns (even though he was wearing jeans) and some nasty bruises. Had to ice his knee good last night. Scared the bejeebers out of me! I'm sorry I left the vaccuum in the hallway.
  • He changed the light bulb in the upstairs hallway today. Smart move Honey.
  • Washed piles of dishes today. Swept the floors. Hung some curtains. Put away the last of the Christmas decor.
  • I'm burning my "clean linen" Yankee Candle - Thank you Mom! LOVE IT!!!
  • We have bad kitties! Really BAD kitties! They have broken into THREE containers of kitty-snacks in the last two days. Two of them didn't have much in them, but the third was brand new and they ate almost ALL of the snacks. I wonder if Crystal and Wizzy are feeling alright? I scolded them, but by the look in their eyes... they have no idea what they are in trouble for! UGH!!!
  • Bought a new cat-proof plastic container for kitty-snacks. Dumped all remaining kitty-snacks into it and put away. Should probably wait a week to give them any more!
  • I took a nap today. It was very refreshing.

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