Friday, March 28, 2008

Fridays C.O.W. Coupon Of Wisdome

A few nights back I opened my Bible and what did I see but the following verse staring back at me...

Psalm 81:8 "...if you would bust listen to me..."

Listening requires focus. This might carry on as a life-long theme of mine. It seems that where I fail the most in any area of my life is primary the result of having a lack of focus. If I would FOCUS on God, I would listen to him.

Of course in this verse he is speaking about the Israelites. Gosh they were like block-headed people... I mean just like me. You've got to give God a ton of credit for putting up with them/us for so long. I mean, when does he finally grow so weary of us that he forgets us? NEVER! Now that's LOVE people.

If only I would listen... So what practical ways can I put efforts into cashing in this Coupon Of Wisdom this week?

  • Pray

  • Study the Word

  • Ask for Wisdom

  • Exercise Discernment

  • Post this verse somewhere to be a constant reminder

Sometimes I read over these simple yet profound tidbits of wisdom and fail to embrace them. Just as clipped coupons that are not redeemed are wasteful, so are portions of scripture/biblical teaching when we read them and fail to respond. Thus... I have developed the concept of clipping "Coupons Of Wisdom" to help remind myself to exercise discernment of the wisdom the Lord so freely offers.

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Chandra said...

What a great verse! Thanks for sharing!