Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Savings

Total spent this week: $57.70 for groceries AND other misc. items, toiletries, etc. Seriously, I should change the budget to $60/week instead of $50 because that is usually what I spend. I could shave that extra $5-10, but most of it goes to super-deals for stock up, so it's no big deal.

Rite-Aid: Saved$6.50 with coupons alone PLUS getting another $12.99 in rebates! Savings included several free items including Hershey Bliss... YUM, Glade scented oil refill, and some personal items. Coupon savings were great for dish soap this week AND I always wanted to try Crest Whitestrips, but I'm too cheap to pay $20+ for them. With rebate and coupon I got some for $7... not bad!

Giant Eagle: Cleaned house with coupons and double coupons! Saved $13.29 in coupons PLUS $6.15 in doubles and another $8.26 in store specials. Total saved = $27.70 which is OVER HALF what my entire cart load cost. I paid a whole $27.47 out of pocket! Isn't that awesome! It cut my groceries in HALF!!!!

Luckily we didn't actually need much, but I was able to get the usual essentials for the week... milk, cream, etc. and found some great items on sale that were dirt cheap with coupons... I picked up 4 deoderants (2 for him and 2 for me) at a quarter a piece! YES! I got 3 more tubes of Crest for $1.33 per tube and they were the big tubes too. I got two large boxes of pop-tarts for $1.40 each. Not something I buy often, but K is always looking for a snack. That's a cheap snack. The best sale of all... I got 2 Purex x2 laundry detergents for $1.50 each. AWESOME price! To round it off I picked up a couple free cans of dog food for a friend and also landed myself 2 free packets of kitty treats for Crystal and Wizzy.

So this weeks finds were great! Now don't mention to my hubby about the deoderant or toothpaste. He will flip when he sees we have about 10 of each in the closet. He he he... but soon enough I shall pack some up and share with those in need.

Say, anyone need coupons for baby-stuff? I have a nice handful of them... pampers, huggies, gerber, cheerios, etc. The first one to leave a comment of interest in that regard gets them... I will mail them, but you will have to email me your address. **UPDATE - The coupons have been claimed.**

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