Monday, May 26, 2008

Blessings Monday - Answered Prayers

It's "Blessings Monday" and today I'd like to share the blessing of answered prayers. My heart is joyful because of answered prayers...

A couple things I've been praying over in the preceding weeks:

  • K's Mom has markedly improved. Her bout with menengitis, pulmonary emboli, and emergency surgery resulted in a month-long hospital stay. Many thanks to all our friends and family praying for her recovery. It has been a trialsome time, but she is home and healing with an expected long road of recovery ahead. K has been visiting each week for a day or two to help around the house, provide some one-on-one support for both Mom & Jim and to witness the answering of praying in action. Many more thanks to our Lord of Healing who has graciously granted improving health for Mom and incredible peace for all of us during this difficult time.

  • I have so missed my pony for two years. I have pined over her absence in my life. Sometimes I would sit and stare at her photo with tears streaming down my face. She's been on loan to a college equine program in Kentucky. Her arrival there was through precarious circumstances. We had left her with a family who had to leave unexpectedly and thus they handed her over to the college. The college was aware that I could not retrieve her at the time for financial reasons mostly. I had no home for her and no money for transport. I re-connected with the college recently and they insisted that if I'd like to have her back that I have to pay them board for the 2 years she was there. It would have been nice for them to tell me this upfront, but at the present time this is a mute point. I expressed my disappointment to the Director who agreed to cut the board expense to half, which is still slapping me with a $2400 boarding bill. I prayed and prayed for wisdom and discernment. Taxes this year put us under pretty badly... then there was the emergency expenses for car repair and travel. After much deliberation we agreed that we would take the plunge, pay the price, and bring my baby home. Even once the bill was paid I had no idea how I would haul her or where I would keep her. My bestest friend has stepped in to fill those gaps. She has secured a great home for her with a lady who is also an acquaintance of mine AND we three will likely go for her before the end of June. I'm thrilled! I'm delighted! I'm relieved! I'm like a kid at Christmas who knows I'm about to get the gift of my dreams! God is so good!

God is so gracious and his blessings are abundant. I have trusted in Him and He has responded kindly. If you'd like to bless many by sharing or be blessed by reading about other's blessings, head on over to Amazing Graze Farm and join us!

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Marci said...

I am so thrilled for you. I knew how you missed her from the way you wrote about her. Will she be close so you can go and visit often?

Thanks for taking part.