Sunday, July 27, 2008


We have had a bird cage for a long time. We recently decided to fill it. The blue parakeet is named "Gonzo" and the yellow is "Sunshine" although Amanda says we should have named her "Beaker." That would have been appropriate, but Sunshine fits her so well. Maybe the next one Manda.

They are easy to care for. Sometimes they are messy with their food, but I keep the shop vac nearby, so clean up is a cinch. Keith is trying to teach them to talk. All the literature says it is possible to teach them, but it might take a long time. I can positively report that at least one of them attempts to mock K's whisteling like a cat-call at them.

We let them out to fly every couple of days. The cats enjoy watching them, but surprisingly have not bothered them... at least not that we have noticed. So far they are good pets.

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