Monday, July 07, 2008

Where are the pictures?

I cannot find my camera. Has anyone seen it? UGH! I had all intentions of taking pictures of Penny last week, but couldn't find the camera. This evening I spent some time just brushing her and scratching her belly which she oh so loves! (you have no idea!) But no camera! Gosh, she was all prettied up too. Hmph!

Picked up a saddle, bridle, etc. from Rene'e's tonight. It feels kind of weird and a little bit sad taking those things and moving them to the new place. If I had already had those things on hand I could have rode her tonight. Hmmm... I need boots, helmet, jeans or riding pants, some fly spray and some leather cleaner for the saddle. I'm excited to be close to being back in the saddle; however I still miss riding with my pal, Rene'e.

Anyway... still looking for the camera. I wonder if I left it in her truck from the trip??? But I thought it was in the car? Oh I'm so confused.

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