Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Miles

I had another really great ride tonight. Oh I'm so falling in love with her all over again. She is just a gem!!!! I never before enjoyed riding her as much as I have this week! This ride was even better than the last. We went on different trails than before... mountainous hills, beautiful valleys, blazing through overgrown territory in the heart of the forrest, over logs, under branches, across the creek, and out into wide open prairie-like fields where the grass was as tall as my horse. There were some trails on posted property where my friend has permission to ride. They are extremely nice wide groomed trails where all-terrain vehicles are forbidden. This is prime hunting ground in its time. There are tree stands and such and even a few cameras that flash with motion sensors. That was a real treat... she jumped, but didn't miss a step. I think it shocked me more than her. We chuckled wondering what the land owner will say when he sees the look on our faces in those pictures.

Keith has had our camera because he was at the Pocono race last weekend. He's been taking it to work to show off his photos. I'm going to have to steal it back and take some pictures of our rides. I need to get a small saddle bag to take along such things for our rides. The last time out we saw a red-tailed hawk from very close... a few days earlier I spied a bald eagle nearby. The neighbors of the farm say there is a black bear estimated to be about 400 pounds who has frequented their property. I'm not real keen on meeting up with him, but I'm intrigued to know they are nearby.

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