Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sneak Peaks

Wow! What a week! Do you ever come to the end of a week where you can't really remember everything from the week? Let's see...

Monday - work, "Wising Up" Ladies Bible Study at church

Tuesday - work, "John" Bible Study at church

Wednesday - work, farm-chores, Administrative Board Meeting at Church

Thursday - work, farm-chores, ride Penny, water the flowers

Friday - work, farm-chores, (raining - yippie!), out to dinner w/ hubby

Saturday - work at farmers market (oh my aching feet!), nap, dinner with Zombecks, out to show "Jeff Dunham" (OH SO FUNNY)

Sunday - church, lunch with hubby, Dinner is in the crock-pot, thinking about a little nap.

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