Sunday, September 07, 2008

Summer is slipping away...

Wow. I have barely posted all summer long. You know when someone has a new child they kind of find themselves too busy for all the activities of their former life???? Well... having my pony is like having a child. For me anyway. I am spending a lot of time spoiling her. I guess I'm making up for lost time or something. It's like I'm falling in love with her all over again and with each new ride it just keeps getting better and better!

I had a fantastic birthday. I'm a whopping 35 now. Despite usual morning aches and pains I still don't really feel old. Although... one night K wanted to go out for a drink and I told him it needed to be some place quiet because I'm 35 now and I prefer the prim and proper scene as opposed to the loud and obnoxious ones. HA!!! K got me this fantastic PINK riding helmet which is getting much use these days. I never used to wear a helmet for trail riding, but now that I'm older I'm a little more safety conscious. It's a good thing. He also got me a small PNK bag that hangs on the horn of my western saddle so I can potentially take my camera riding with me or a bottle of water or whatever. Renee & Janet got me a new black saddle pad, a purple and black halter for her, a purple lead rope, and a lick-it treat for her. I need to get her a lickit holder. I was pleased to be so spoiled with equine related birthday goodies!

Aside from my birthday, I've been busy with WORK, helping some friends put in hay, and other little things. We had a visit from my sister and her family while the kids participated in Mom's "Grandma Camp" for a week. I took some time off to enjoy their visit and had another special date with Esther to ride the horses and play with the doggies. While they were in town we had a whole-family portrait taken. This includes my parents, siblings with inlaws and their children.

K had the opportunity to assist me putting in hay this past Friday. For his trouble he was offered the opportunity to ride with us. We were out for two and a half hours and it was fantastic. My dream is to one day have a place where we can have at least 2 horses so we can ride together more often. He does like to go, but rarely has the opportunity since we only have one horse. Many thanks to Janet for allowing him to use one of hers.

Yesterday I helped Mom can some stewed tomatoes. The kitchen here is just so small. I canned last year, but it was not efficient. Uncle Charlie supplied the goods and we split the end result 3-ways. That was great because it was just about the amount we'll use between now and next summer. Someday I'd like to have a garden to produce my own vegetables for canning and I'd like to have a large kitchen and pantry for preserving such things. That's something I remember from childhood... always canning and freezing in the summer and enjoying the goods all year round. FRESH frozen corn for Thanksgiving.... Nothing like it!

That's about it I suppose. Back to the grind now. I hope to get better at regular posting in the weeks to come. Actually, I have a long list of aspirations for the fall season which I'd like to accomplish.

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Marci said...

It sounds like you have tons going on too!!! I love the family picture!!