Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesdays With Jen... My Memoirs

It's time for "Back to School" for many children. I was thinking last night about how direction-less I was in my school days. I always knew that school was necessary, but I wasn't sure why. I went because I had to. It's not that I didn't enjoy learning, but looking back I really don't think I had the ability to maintain focus throughout my classes. I really didn't do very poorly overall, just average. Except 4th grade Social Studies... I didn't want to learn about the indians! I had a recurring nightmare about indians and this was not something I had any desire to learn about. Thus... I got a big fat F for that six-week period. OOPS! I think if I had comprehended the true purpose of education I might have been something different... or done better at it at the time.

After I graduated highschool, I went to Community College for a few semesters... still searching for my niche. I had landed a job in a doctors office and eventually spent a few years working there instead of schooling. The doctors there believed that I was smart and pushed me to go back to school and thus I did...

I went to Business school and studied "Medical Management." I thought maybe I'd be an office manager or something of that nature. I already had some experience in the office and billing so why not. Actually these studies came very easy for me due to my experience and I am pleased to report that I graduated only 2nd in my class. I almost tied for first, but my friend Jennifer beat me by .1 in th end. WOW! So schooling was a success and I was off to find a new job.

I had a few jobs before I found the one I'm in now. When I found the job, I had not even realized there were such persons out there... credentialing practitioners and/or Medical Staff Secretarial work was not in my radar, but the woman who hired me said that my experience working with docs and my plans and projects for office improvement at my then current job were signs that I was perfect for such a position. It paid $50 more each week taboot! Sign me up!!!! I've been at this job for 6+ years now and my position has evolved several times. I LOVE change and this is a constant in my current position.

God has a plan for all of us, but he gives us the free will to choose our own path. I'm not suggesting that by not having direction back in school days that I have deferred from the Lord's path for me... I am simply voicing my regret for having lack of insight into my future earlier on. I am pleased with where life has brought me and recognize the abundant blessings that have been showered on me for the paths I did choose.

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