Monday, October 20, 2008

Blessings Monday

I milked cows Sunday night. Looking back I remember what a blessing such times have afforded me. My grandfather was a dairy farmer. My good friend Ed was a dairy farmer. Ed always talked about Grandpa. I miss them both. So when I have the opportunity to milk cows, it reminds me of them. I was blessed to have known them... and today I count the blessing of remembering them.

So in true fashion, when the milking was done and the cows were fed... I stopped for an ice cream cone, in honor of an old tradition I had with Ed, and enjoyed it as I jammed to the song about the International Harvester. (Because they would both be proud!) It just seemed so appropriate.

Marci at Down On The Farm hosts Blessings Monday. Come join in the sharing won't you! Oh and she has a little contest going on too.


Marci said...

I am glad you can relieve memories like that. I especially like the ice cream at the end!! =)

Thanks for taking part!! By the way, Mr. Linky is up if you want to put your name there.

Jthemilker said...

For years my sweet friend Ed and I shared ice cream after every evening milking. One day I said I had no money for ice cream and he dumped out his change jar, picked out every nickle and dime he could find... just to buy us some ice cream. Such sweet memories!