Thursday, October 09, 2008

One More Thing

This entire situation with our car has made me into a nasty person that I truly did NOT intend to become. I was annoyed with the mechanics and the staff there... frustrated... and nervous about what our total bill would be. As of yesterday they had our car for two weeks straight. For INSPECTION! That's it! Oh the drama... I busted the owners chops pretty bad last night. We have been calling and calling and all of our messages were either ignored or else we were told they'd call us back. One time the secretary called me back, just to tell me that she'd call me back! I was furious!!!! I asked FIVE TIMES for a total of our bill because we cannot afford to pay more than the car is worth. Nobody could give us a total. I'm not even giving you all the detail here, but lets just say... they did the right thing... They apologized. They got us an inspection sticker. (apparently they had to ask the State for a waiver because they could not get the computer in the car to reset properly???) And they did NOT charge us for any of the labor fees (only for actual repairs). I am pleased, although still annoyed.

THANK YOU ZOMBECKS!!!!! For the loan in the meantime. Sorry it took so long. We are so blessed to have you both so near and dear to us! We owe you now more than we did before!!!! We love you guys!!!

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