Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Success In Progress

After poking a little fun at him in my last post (with his permission), I must also toot his horn a little bit. My Handy-Hubby is having some sweet success in his desire to quit smoking. This battle has seemed never ending for much of our lives together, but this time he seems to be doing remarkably well.

For those of you considering it... If you go to Nicorette's website, you can sign up for a free sample, which he did. Inside was a $10 coupon. THIS WEEK Riteaid has the gum on sale with a $5 rebate, so he saved $15 on like 100 pieces of gum. It is expensive, but seems to be very helpful. He has not even been mean this time, for which I am quite grateful. I mentioned it to him and asked him how he's managed to do so well this time. He said "It's God." and my heart skipped a beat! YES!!!!

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