Monday, November 03, 2008

Blessings Monday

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Today I am counting the blessing of creation. This weekend I was afforded the opportunity to take my Penny to Moraine State Park/Bear Run which surrounds Lake Arthur in Western Pennsylvania. As the effects of the fall season are in the midst of erosion, I found it quite pertinent to enjoy this trip where I could gawk in awe of all that the Lord has created. I am most grateful for pleasant, comfortable weather and a safe ride.

After we unloaded and before we tacked up, we spotted a bald eagle soaring gracefully overhead and close enough to truly notice just how awesome and elegant they are. Before we started the brunt of the ride, Penny took her first steps into the Lake. She reluctantly approached the line where small waves were lapping onto the shore. She stepped into the chilly water and was shortly startled to find herself in such circumstances. That was a big step for her. I'm not aware of her ever being introduced to a large body of water like that before. Honestly, she was more interested in eying up the boats across the way than playing in the water. She isn't always the bravest soul, but for some reason she will go anywhere that Rambo goes and he was going into the water...

I thought that all the leaves would have fallen by now. A week or so ago they were falling so very fast. But today there was an elegance about the forest that we drank in over and over. The sunlight glistened through the leaves of gold. The fallen leaves crunched loudly under pounding hooves, almost like a padding from the hard surface underneath. The wind blew ever so softly over the vast body of water causing subtle waves. We encountered only one small stream aside from the lake, and a good many hills and valleys. I could not have asked for a nicer day to enjoy creation.

I'm pleased to report that my little trooper led the pack for the majority of the ride, YES she was in the lead! This actually amazed me. She was quite content to lead the way that she did not know. She made an occasional stop rather abruptly over uprooted trees that apparently resembled the Boogy-man and the occasional gigantic ant-hill that she thought must have been crawling towards her. Silly stuff, but nothing earth shattering.

Rambo was the only other horse she actually knew. There were a LOT of riders out there this weekend. I think there were at least five other riders that went out with us, but we passed groups of riders with more and less along the way. She behaved quite well and seemed to enjoy the jaunt. I'm glad to have been afforded this opportunity. It was truly a beautiful day.

God has so graciously provided this world for us to enjoy. I'm forever amazed at the intricate detail of its design. Today it seems only appropriate to thank the Lord for this blessing.

Marci at Down On The Farm hosts Blessing Mondays each Monday. Come and share your blessings won't you... and be blessed to read of others' blessings too.

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Marci said...

Thanks for taking part. Don't forget to come and sign Mr. Linky. =)

I am sure you had a great time. The pictures are wonderful.