Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After…

Wow!  Christmas was a whirlwind this year.  We had Christmas Eve dinner with Rene’e because Keith wasn’t going to be able to make it to her house for the festivities… and festive it was!  I love going to Renee’s for Christmas.  While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, Christmas is hers and she spares no expense.  Her home is a winter wonderland of decor and her tree sparkles so pretty.  There was ham and turkey with all the fixins and desserts galore!  The gift giving was a wild exchange with ribbons and paper waste all over.  I’ve never seen so much red (Farmall Fans) in one place.  They crack me up.  It was nice to see them all, especially some of the family that I don’t get to see very much. 

christmas tree clipart

Renee does the white-elephant gift exchange too.  You know, the game where you can either pick a gift or steal someone else’s.  It was hilarious.  There was a red union suit with an International Harvester logo on it.  Someone said “That’s the sexiest thing in the room.” and it made its rounds being stolen several times.  Whoda thunk it?!  I wanted to steal it for Keith, but I don’t think he’d actually use it.  (I know he wouldn’t)  So I couldn’t because there were some there who wanted it for its warmth!  (or maybe they wanted it for its sex appeal?)  HA!!!!  The gift that I got (I shall not reveal it yet) was something that was a re-gifted gift to start.  Someone brought it to the game to get rid of it.  The person that opened it vowed to re-gift it to someone else.  Somehow I ended up with it.  I plan to re-gift it too… Shhhhhh… don’t tell the Zombecks!  They will either love it or hate it.  (and it comes with permission to be re-gifted.)  It’s too funny!  I hope to take pictures and post. 


After the party I went to the barn.  I had two big carrots for each of the horses.  I had plans to take the time to brush my little pony, but alas she was wet from the rain.  It’s not a good idea to brush the wet in the cold.  That would make it soak down to her skin and she could chill.  Better to let it air dry as is.  None the less, I rubbed her forehead and doted on her a bit.  She’s so sassy and spoiled, but I love her dearly.  I’m very blessed to have her and enjoy it very much.  Yes, even in nasty weather. 


My favorite gift would have to be the pasta bowls… something that’s been on my list for a long time.  Yay!!!!  I also really like the singing cow stocking that Rene’e gave me.  What didn’t I get that I really wanted?  Those gel socks that’ I’ve been eyeing up for months.  Every time we got to Walmart I point them out to Keith.  I think I just might buy them for myself after all.  Rene’e got some and I was jealous.  What was your favorite gift?


I didn’t get to my folks in time to give the littles their gifts.  I think their new Wii will definitely overshadow our little presents anyway.  So they can enjoy the game for a bit and then hopefully we’ll see them in the next couple of days. 

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Jemit said...

You ask what our favorite gift was.. my new house!! I LOVE it!!!
2nd would be my gift from my hubby- a beautiful turn table/cassette player/am-fm radio/CD player-recorder. AWESOME!!