Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday’s With Jen

Let’s see… what do I remember from my youth?  I recently ran into a young lady who years and years ago was a little girl who wanted to ride my horse.  She rode Magnium in at least one of the classes at the Fair show.  When her mother spotted me at the Christmas party, she proclaimed “There’s Magnium’s mother!”  How fond I was of my Magnium.  He was a safe ride for a young teen, myself.  What a good horse he was.  He took me far and wide.  Farther and wider than my parents might have ever imagined.  When I sold him I was heart broken.  I remember my own mother asking me if I’d made a mistake.  That wasn’t any help.  When the big truck came for him, he jumped right on.  I visited him on various occasions, mostly at horse shows where his new owners took him. 


I understand that he now lives in Ohio… if he’s still alive.  He’d be rather ancient in horse years now. 


He was a good horse.  I miss him.  Magnium_1992

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