Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

In the spirit of Christmas, I’m thinking back to Christmas as a little girl.  The first memory that comes to mind is that I dreamed excessively that I would get a horse for Christmas.  It was a vivid dream… I imagined someone telling me to look out the window and another someone leading it down the driveway.  Of course this dream was never exactly a Christmas reality.  My horse-gift did not come at Christmas time. 


My next Christmas recollection is that my Mom would wrap the gifts and number them, instead of putting our names on them.  Great idea Ma.  Among the coolest gifts….  a radio/cassette player from my parents and jewelry from cousin Steve. 


And last, but so so sweet…. Grammy always wrapped her gifts in white tissue paper and sometimes used stickers for tape. 


My final comment this morning is that I’m disappointed because there will be no Ugly Ornament Contest for us this year.  Bummer! 

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