Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my loving husband who upon hearing that I had been injured, did the dishes and proceeded to wait on me.  He has been so sweet and helpful.  He doesn’t even complain that he has to help me get dressed.  This evening he went to the store with me just so he could carry the bags for me.  I’m so spoiled. 


I am thankful for my boss who looks out for my best interests.  He insisted that I file a work-comp claim, which was probably a good idea because now I’m having physical therapy.  He completely understood that I wasn’t feeling well today.  I felt a wee bit disheveled today having to see the doctor and physical therapist.  Likewise, I didn’t feel the least bit productive today.  He agreed that I can stay home tomorrow.  I can do some work if I’m up to it.  He realizes that I just need to rest and get better.


I am thankful for my friend Janet.  She keeps my pony for me along side her three ponies.  She spoils them all.  Her generosity is so grand.  When I go to do chores, she comes to the barn and helps me while she visits.  When the weather is nice she encourages me to ride.  She has introduced me to all the local trails.  She’s also hauled the horses to other places to ride like Moraine & Bear Run.  She has graciously offered to take care of things at the farm tomorrow so I don’t have to drive out there and so I can rest.  She is wonderful, generous, and selfless.  She’s a true gem. 


I am very blessed to have many good friends and family. 

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