Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday’s C.O.W. – Coupon Of Wisdom


So one day during my girls group study we were talking about books of the Bible. If you use a study Bible, you might notice that at the beginning of each chapter there is some additional information that is supposed to be helpful. Usually it entails the approximate time and/or setting that it was written and an outline of specific themes. Go with me here for a minute… IF there was a book of [your name] in the Bible, what would it entail? So we did this exercise in our group. Let’s face it, we ALL have some significant life-theme of some sort.

So hypothetically of course, the Book of Jennifer would include the following themes identified in late 2009: (the book has yet to be officially written)

1) Deliberate Prayerfulness

I will develop and maintain humble prayerful habits including time, place, writing prayers, and recording answered prayers. My prayers shall focus on praising God, others needs, and my own personal spiritual growth.

2) Surrender to God’s will

I will lay my hearts desires humbly at the feet of the Lord and listen for the prompting of the Spirit. I will guard against obsessive longing as the power of the mind can steal my focus. I shall remind myself continually that God is in control and all circumstances have purpose.

3) Faithfulness of God

I will recognize the Lord’s purposes in the events of my past and present. I will recognize answered prayers and give God the glory for all good things. God is faithful and I know it well.

So, if you’d like to share what your book might entail, leave a comment.

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