Friday, January 01, 2010

Yesterday Winter Bloomed


I am very blessed to live where I can witness the change of seasons.  My favorite winter day is one like yesterday, but with lots of sunshine.  When I was small, I remember my Granny noting the beauty of the untouched snow.  That was how my yesterday started… recalling those words of hers. 


It was not too cold, just enough for snow.  The wind was slim to none.  The heavy wet snow defined every surface it touched.  Each tree limb dressed with the lacey flakes of snow, so pure, and so perfect!  It was the definition of pure beauty and this is all I could ponder upon for my entire ride to work yesterday.


The picture is our back yard… untouched in the midst of sunrise.  The neighbor’s dog hadn’t yet assaulted it with it’s playful paws.


And… one more thing came to mind as I surveyed my surroundings… Boy would a remote started be nice on cold days.


And I’m so glad that “I” get to park my car in the garage… where the sweeping of snow is not necessary nor do I have to warm it up. 

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Wendy said...

I hear you on that remote starter! I have Isaac go out and start the van in the mornings...he likes it (for now.)

Your pictures of the snow sure are pretty...ours is packed down from sled riding chillins!