Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday


As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started keeping an Excel spreadsheet of things that I’m thankful for in general and about my husband.  I’m being deliberate about thankfulness. 

Here are a few items from my daily list of things that I’m thankful about:

  • The cool breeze from a window fan
  • Hand-me-down furniture
  • Lots of SUNSHINE
  • New Blackberry phone
  • The softness of my pony’s clean mane
  • The smell of clean laundry
  • Better insurance quotes
  • Special package from an internet friend
  • Tarps that keep things dry in a rain storm
  • Meat in the freezer
  • Sharing a meal with family
  • New life… my herbs are poking thru the soil
  • My Bible
  • Frosted glass full of Gatorade or Water
  • My Dad
  • My Father-in-law
  • My Step-Father-in-law
  • My Heavenly Father

And some things that I’m thankful for especially about my husband:

  • He would like to be a father someday
  • He did yard work to make our home look nice
  • He was excited about changing shifts at work specifically so he could see me more.
  • He called and asked me to go on a date.
  • He moved furniture for us
  • He helped bale hay
  • He served me breakfast in bed
  • He took me to a ballgame
  • He works so hard to provide for us
  • He not only took the dirty laundry to the laundry room… he put a load in!
  • He rubbed my feet
  • He said he likes my new haircut

What are you thankful for?  Don’t forget to thank the Lord.

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