Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selfless Sunday

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I’m just coming off about 10 days of house-sitting.  Now there’s something I don’t mind doing every now and then and it helps out my friends.  It can be win-win.  I get to relax at someone else’s home and they have someone to feed and play with their pets. 


Keith is planning something selfless this week.  One of his coworkers forgot to ask for a particular day off for an important family event this week.  He’s going to cover some of the time for her.  That’s my Keith… always looking out for his employees. 


Selfless Sunday isn’t about getting a pat on the back.  It’s intended to simply remind me to seek out opportunities to be selfless.  What can I say… sometimes the opportunities just find me without my even looking, but I’m trying to be deliberate about it.  Have you done something selfless lately?  Feel free to comment. 

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