Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday’s Thankful Heart

Thursdays Thankfulness

Here are a few things I’ve recorded in my Daily Thankfulness Journal lately…

General Thankfulness

  • Good honest tire guy
  • Boss that lets me have a flexible schedule
  • Sweet lovins from the kitty
  • Leftover roast beef Mmmmm
  • Squeal of a greeting from my pony – She’s happy to see me!
  • Sweet and spicy Asian meat Yummo!
  • Overpaid the cable bill, amount due $0, YAY!!!
  • Old memories uncovered and relived for a moment
  • New fancy stick-its for personal notes (Thanks Becky!)
  • Clean barn :)

About my Husband

  • He asked me to sew something for him.
  • He has a positive attitude about a potential job change
  • He looked so sharp today!
  • He did not take offense to my constructive criticism
  • He let me drive the truck
  • He opened the door for me
  • He put his clean clothes away
  • He said he liked what I made for dinner

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